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The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

What Is The 7 Day Vegan Challenge? – Read Before Starting

If you’ve been looking into going vegan or just veganism in general, you may have come across The 7 Day Vegan Challenge.

But what is The 7 Day Vegan Challenge? What is it, how does it work, what’s the point, what are its benefits…??

These are all important questions that should be answered before getting into it, and in this short post I’m going to tell you all you need to know about this challenge.

It’s completely free to do and just takes a little bit of willpower on your part.

What Is It Exactly?

Well first let me point out that there are many different variations to this challenge. But, on the official website (7dayvegan.com) it is described as a “easy challenge for the planet, for compassion, for your health”, but of course that really doesn’t tell you much.

In a nutshell, The 7 Day Vegan Challenge is a fun and easy way to get into veganism. Becoming a vegan is often seen as being complicated and overall just too darn difficult to do. This challenge is a simple way to immerse yourself with an all vegan diet.

But you may be wondering, what’s the point of all this? Why create a challenge around becoming a vegan?

What’s The Point?

There our a lot of different points to going vegan. Everyone has their own reasons, but generally speaking it seems that there are 3 main reasons that people decide to go this route… Environmental reasons, for better health, and for the love of animals. 

  • Environmental Reasons – There are lots of ways veganism is good for the planet. One of the most notable being that you aren’t supporting the ridiculous amount of cattle being raised throughout the world for beef. Cows produce a greenhouse gas called methane that is actually more of a problem than carbon dioxide and is increasingly a concern in the fight against global warming.
  • For Better Health – Veganism isn’t necessarily healthier than regular eating, but generally speaking it is. Vegan diets are associated with lower levels of diabetes, heart problems, some forms of cancer, obesity and more. You just need to make sure you eat a well-balanced vegan diet.
  • Love of Animals – And then of course a lot of people go vegan because they are animal lovers. Cows, pigs, chickens, goats… they all have feelings. Sure, some animals’ brains are a lot more ‘evolved’ and the pain can have a bigger impact on some, but pain is still pain. There is no doubt that (especially in the US) livestock is grossly mistreated. Factory farms offer animals little to no space to even move around before getting killed and sold for their meat. When you go vegan you obviously aren’t eating animals or contributing to their mistreatment.

For many people veganism is more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle. However, with this challenge, it is only about your diet. You do not have to change your entire lifestyle around. This is good because it is intended to give beginners an easy way to get started. A way that isn’t too intimidating.

The challenge part of it all is to spread awareness.

How It Works Is Simple

So how does the challenge work?

Well… It’s pretty simple. For the most part you just simply do not eat any meat, poultry, seafood, dairy or eggs for 7 days in a row.

Simple as that!

And yes… They don’t want you to be eating any eggs. I know this is a bit of a controversial topic amongst vegans, some eat eggs and some don’t. But here, for this challenge, eggs are not to be eaten.

It’s a Challenge

And besides the eating part you are also supposed add your name to the list of challengers and to announce this challenge to your friends, to get as many people to do it as possible. This is what makes it more of a challenge and a little more fun to do.

You can add your name to the list of challengers here.

Should You Stop Wearing Leather Shoes and Sell That Leather Purse/Wallet?

As mentioned above, this challenge is only dealing with a vegan diet. It is nothing too crazy and you don’t have to stop buying leather products and other animal based things, although you should still think about it.

How Do The Challenge Without Killing Yourself

It is no secret that being a vegan makes it more difficult to get a well-rounded meal. While a lot more restaurants and stores are starting to accommodate for vegan diets, it still can be a pain, especially when it comes to getting good sources of protein.

And… As we all know… Protein is absolutely essential for living.

So to help you out, if you do think you’re going to give the challenge a try, below is a list of some good protein sources that you will be able to eat…

  • Legumes – These include chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, black-eyed peas and more. They are excellent sources of protein and can be used in many different tasty dishes.
  • Chia seeds and flax seed – Throw em in a smoothie, in yogurt, bake them into bread, etc. These seeds are good sources of well balanced protein.
  • Quinoa – Quinoa is a great source of protein because you can make tons of different dishes with this as the base ingredient. It can be used as somewhat of a rice substitute, and is higher in protein.
  • Spinach – Pop-eye was a strong mean, but spinach might not have as much protein as you would think after seeing a picture of him. That said, it is still a good and healthy source.
  • Peanut and almond butter – Do you like PB & J sandwiches? Then you are in luck. Peanut butter as well as almond butter provide good amounts of protein. Almond butter is going to be the healthier choice of the two.
  • Seeds and Nuts – I know I already talked about some seed and nut foods. Both seeds and nuts (think pumkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, etc) are generally very high in protein… and they make for a nice snack.
  • Seitan – Made from cooked wheat gluten, this high protein source is popular among vegans and vegetarieans alike.
  • Tofu – This is often used as a meat substitute in many dishes. It provides a whole source of protein and is made from bean curds.

Meal Plans:

There are also a lot of meal plans out there to help you get through the challenge. If you don’t feel like coming up with your own meals multiple times a day, then following a simple meal plan makes things a lot more easy.

There is a list of a bunch of different recipes you can take a look at on the main website here.

Also, there are 3rd party sites that have some good meal plans as well. There is a pretty tasty looking 7 day meal plan on eatingwell.com that you can use for this challenge if you want to lose some weight in the process.

You can also Google vegan meal plans and you will find tons of good results.


Just to reiterate, The 7 Day Vegan Challenge is a free challenge that was created to help people go vegan and spread vegan awareness. It is simple, easy to follow, and makes things a little bit more fun so that you don’t end up quitting after only a couple days. Participants are encouraged to spread the word and get others to join.

So if you were ever thinking about going vegan but didn’t really feel like it, now is the time. Take the challenge and see how you like it. After all, it is only 7 days.

BENGAY for Toenail Fungus

BENGAY for Toenail Fungus – How Effective Is This Treatment Really?

Can you really use BENGAY for toenail fungus and is it effective?

There are so many home remedies out there for this nasty little condition, but the problem is that a lot of them simply DO NOT WORK.

Using BENGAY is just one of many out there. It’s cheap, you can find it at just about any store, and it is well-known to be safe, so there are a lot of reasons why this is something a lot of people are looking into using. HOWEVER, if it doesn’t work there is obviously no point.

So does it work or doesn’t it?

The answer is a bit complicated. It definitely does have potential. But before we get into all of that, let’s first talk little bit about nail fungus itself.

A Quick Briefing on Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis is the technical name for this condition. It can have various causes, but the most common cause is that of a dermatophyte, which is a type of fungus.

Some common symptoms that you may experience if you do have onychomycosis include…

  • Thickened nails
  • Discoloration, usually white or yellowish
  • Brittle, fractured, raggedy looking
  • Dark color sometime develops from dead debris
  • Smells bad

And then of course if you do have some of the symptoms they may also be accompanied by foul faces from onlookers.

Nail fungus is a big problem and some estimates state that around 10% of the population have it, although many people have just minor cases.

You are more likely to develop a fungal infection if you…

  • Have really sweaty feet
  • Don’t let your feet air out
  • Work in damp area
  • Are older, which often means reduced bloodflow
  • Have a weakened immune system

This is why toenail fungus is so much more common than fingernail fungus. It is possible to get both, but because the toes spend much of their time inside shoes and live much of their life in dark/damp environments, fungi are much more likely to thrive in this area.

BENGAY… What Is It?

BENGAY is a topical pain relief cream that is used for temporary pain relief for minor aches/pains of muscles and joints. It is a well-known name brand product that can be found that pretty much any store, your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, etc.

But… Like VICKS VapoRub (which I will talk more about in a minute), BENGAY also has multiple uses besides that which it is marketed for.

Now one of the uses of course is that it can help treat toenail fungus, which is the point of this post I’m writing. And… It does have some potential.

Why It Has Some Potential

Well… lets take a look at the ingredients included in a tube of BENGAY and you will see why there is definitely some antifungal potential here.

A look at the ingredients..

  • Camphor (4%)
  • Menthol (10%)
  • Methyl salicylate (30%)

Listed above are the 3 common “active ingredients” that you will find in a normal tube of BENGAY. There are some different variations of BENGAY out there that include additional ingredients, but these are the “core” ingredients if you want to put it like that.

Camphor is something that I’ve seen before used for its antifungal effects. It’s most commonly used topically for pain relief and as an anti-irritant (makes sense… after all this is BENGAY), but does have antifungal properties. A study published in Biological Research shows that it was able to inhibit fungi growth to some extent, although this study wasn’t conducted specifically on nail fungus.

Menthol, which gives BENGAY some of that really nice refreshing smell, is often used for reducing inflammation, as a soothing topical treatment for pain and for respiratory problems. As far as antifungal activity goes, there has been some research looking into it. One study found it to be at least somewhat effective at inhibiting both bacterial and fungal growth, and another study showed supporting evidence of antifungal activity.

Methyl salicylate also helps with the smell that BENGAY has. It is the oil of wintergreen and is widely used for pain relief. It is particularly effective at reducing inflammation which could also help with the healing process of nail fungus infections.

Any Proof That It Works?

Unfortunately there isn’t any direct evidence that shows BENGAY to be effective against toenail fungus. What I mean by this is that there have not been any studies specifically testing out its effectiveness against such a condition. That said, there is obviously some indirect evidence as shown above that suggest it can be effective, at least to some extent.

All three of the active ingredients show some promise as a treatment for toenail fungus.

How Does Compare to VICKS VapoRub?

Now I mentioned a bit ago that I wanted to talk some about VICKS VapoRub. And the reason for this is because it is a very similar product. In fact, it actually contains 2 of the 3 active ingredients in BENGAY… Which are camphor and menthol.

However, the amounts it contains are different. It has slightly more camphor than BENGAY, yet has much less menthol than it. And it has no Methyl salicylate.

That said, VICKS VapoRub has several other ingredients contained in it that could help increase its effectiveness, such as cedarleaf oil for example, which has shown antimicrobial activity in lab studies.

You would probably get very similar results no matter which product you use because they are so similar, however, if I had to pick between the two I would probably go with VICKS VapoRub. I think it has the edge by a small amount.

Worth The Try or Not?

If you have a table of BENGAY lying around then why not give it a try?

It defintely has “at least some” potential to fight off a case of toenail fungus. Now whether or not it is going to make much of a difference depends on a lot of things, such as application, the severity of your infection, and so on. But it still might be worth a try.

If you do decide to try it out be sure to clean the infected area as much as possible, which includes filing down your nail and getting all the dead debris out of there. When applying, get the BENGAY all around your nail and underneath as best you can. Apply it liberally and even to the skin around the area… This isn’t going to hurt you.

A Better Option: Emuaid MAX

If you are willing to spend a bit more money then you might want to take a look at Emuaid MAX, which is another product that you would be applying topically. It is one of the very few toenail fungus products that we actually recommend here at Operation Wellness.

Comments or questions? Leave them below 🙂

VICKS Vapor Rub Toenail Fungus Treatment

VICKS Vapor Rub for Toenail Fungus – Myth or Miracle Cure?

Is VICKS VapoRub for toenail fungus effective?

There our a lot of home remedies out there for curing toenail fungus, but a lot of them simply do not work. You have apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt baths, all the essential oils, etc.

VICKS Vaper Rub, which is really called the trademark name of VICKS VapoRub, is one of the many cheap treatment options out there that some people suggest… But… Does… It… Actually… Work?

The answer is YES, at least to some extent... It definitely does have some potential as a treatment option as you will see. And... it's easy to find in stores and it's cheap, so of course this is something that a lot of people are going to be interested in, especially when you look at other treatment options which can get pretty darn expensive.

Some statistics say that around 10% of the population has at least some amount of toenail fungus and around 50% of people 70 years old and older have it. It's a pretty crazy statistic and there is no doubt that toenail fungus is a big problem.

Much of the time it goes away on its own due to the body's effective immune response, but sometimes it can get out of hand and requires serious attention. Of course you do not want that to happen so treating as soon as possible should be a priority.

Toenail Fungus Explained:

The scientific name for toenail fungus is onchomycosis, and this becomes a problem when microscopic fungi organisms begin to set up camp underneath or on your nails. Fungi thrive in the warm and often damp environment that is usually found in that area of your body, which is why people who wear air tight shoes all the time and don't let their feet air out are much more likely to suffer from this.

These nasty little organisms feed off your nail tissue and leave debris in the area, which causes the nail to fracture, lift off the bed, and turn into an all around gross looking mess. Infection can lead to symptoms like...

  • Thickened nails
  • Discoloration, usually whitish or yellowish
  • Brittle fractured nails
  • Distortion of shape
  • Darkened color from all the dead debris
  • Bad smells and strange looks from onlookers

The first thing you want to do before trying a bunch of treatments is to find out for sure if your problem really is a fungal infection. There are other problems that have similar symptoms. And this is something you want to do ASAP, because the longer you wait the more damage it will cause and the harder it will be to get rid of.

That said, using VICKS VapoRub isn't very expensive so if you are fairly certain it is a fungal problem it may be worth the try. After all, even if it isn't, applying this stuff isn't going to be harmful.

What Is VICKS VapoRub?

All this talk about Vicks VapoRub, but what actually is this stuff in the first place?

In short: Vicks VapoRub is a #1 selling branded children and adult cough cold product. Well... That is the main use of it anyhow. However, this Proctor & Gamble Company product is a very versatile and also is commonly used for pain relief when applied topically to aching muscles and joints.

Using it as a way to treat toenail fungus is much lesser-known, but nonetheless is something that people are using it for and finding some success with.

And one of the many good things about it is that you can trust it. There are plenty of toenail fungus treatment "scammy" products that have been exposed on this site, like Fungus Hack for example, and VICKS is definitely not one of them.

Is There Any Real Proof That It Works?

Let's get right to the point here... is there any proof that this stuff actually works? Because I'm sure a lot of people reading this have wasted a lot of time, patience and money trying things that simply turn out to be complete duds.

Does it really work?

Well... when it comes to the effectiveness of VICK's specifically dealing with nail fungus, there unfortunately isn't much research out there. That said, there is some...

A study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in 2011 took a look at the effects of VICKS on 18 patients who were suffering from onychomycosis (toenail fungus) over a period of 48 weeks (yes... a long time!).

The results were measured in 3 ways. They measured its effectiveness as a cure both mycologically and clinically, as well as on a personal assessment by the patients themselves.

The results: 15 of the 18 patients, or a whopping 83%, showed positive effects. And... 5 of the patients, or 27.8%, had been cured based on mycological and clinical results after the 48 weeks were up. 10 patients, or 55.6%, had infections that cleared up partially and only 3 had no change.

All in all... pretty good results.

Lack of proof?

​​​​As stated, there really isn't much information and research out there specifically on VICKS VapoRub's effectiveness when it comes to this. 

The study mentioned above definitely proves some effectiveness and has some positives, however there has been some criticism as to the way this study was conducted, which might make it carry a little less weight.

However, there is a fair amount more research that has been done on the ingredients that are contained in this vapor rub product, which make results seem all the more promising when used as a treatment.

Why Does It Work? A Look at The Ingredients

In order to answer the question of why does VICKS work?... we first need to take a look at the ingredients it contains.

It has some proof of working, so what it is exactly that makes it effective?

The ingredients included in the normal VICKS VapoRub include the following:

Active Ingredients

  • Camphor (4.8%)
    • Used commonly for pain relief, anti-irritant, against coughs, and yes... even as an antifungal.
    • Reduces pain and swelling and increases blood flow when applied topically.
    • 2014 study published in the journal Biological Research shows it does indeed have antifungal activity, although not particularly when dealing with toenail fungus. It has been shown to inhibit growth of fungi better than other essential oils.
  • Eucalyptus oil (1.2%)
    • Commonly used for coughs, clearing the chest, as a disinfectant, helping control blood sugar, joint pain, against infections and more.
    • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • 2015 study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research took 22 participants with toenail fungus and tested the application of eucalyptus oil. The results were that 86% saw superficial nail fungus clear up within 4 months and those with subungual and proximal subungual onychomycosis also saw decent results.
  • Menthol (2.6%)
    • Used to reduce inflammation, sooth cuts/burns, for respiratory problems, etc
    • Cool soothing properties that give a very relieving feeling.
    • Shown to inhibit fungal growth, as stated in Journal de Mycologie Medicale.

Inactive Ingredients

  • Cedarleaf oil
  • Nutmeg oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Thymol
  • Turpentine oil

Potential to Attack Fungus from Multiple Angles

VICKS VapoRub contains many good ingredients that have the potential to fight off fungal infections... and they are all ingredients that are overall healthy and pose no big health risks.

There are a lot of essential oils here. You have camphor and eucalyptus oil that have been tested against fungus and shown positive signs. Then you have other essential oils that are "inactive ingredients" for VICKS's intended use, but will actually help out in the fight against fungus. For example: Cedarleaf oil is listed as inactive but has been shown to have antimicrobial properties.

And of course you have menthol, which we all love the feel of. It carries much of the responsibility for the cool and soothing feeling you get when you apply VICKS... and does actually have real benefits as well.

There are many good ingredients here, both "active" and "inactive" that have the potential to help from many different angles. There may still be a lack of research done directly on the effectiveness of VICKS against fungal infections such as toenail fungus but there is a fair amount of supporting indirect evidence to back it up.

What Real Users Are Saying

There is a lot of talk about using VICKS for toenail fungus and a lot of people recommending it online, HOWEVER, there is a lack of information coming from people who have actually used it to treat such.

Most of the information I have found comes from sources saying things like "it can be used for this", "it has been used for that", and things like this. 

It would be nice to see some more good evidence of it working, but at the same time, the lack of good evidence doesn't mean that it doesn't work.

I was able to find a small number of reviews (pictured below) on Amazon. Of course there weren't many because most people's reviews talk about other things since treating toenail fungus isn't the reason most people buy it.

*If you do have your own success story with VICKS VapoRub be sure to leave it in the comment section below for others to see!

The Price Certainly Doesn't Get Any Better

If you are going to try a treatment for toenail fungus then one thing you definitely have to consider is the price... and the price here is pretty darn good fortunately.

A 1.76 oz (50g) little tub usually costs somewhere around $5-6 and you can pick it up at any Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, and plenty other stores.

That is a very cheap treatment and I'm sure you are well aware of that if you have been searching for treatments for any good length of time. 

There are some rather ridiculously priced toenail fungus treatments out there that show less promising results than VICKS.

*Emuaid MAX is a more expensive topical treatment, but is something else you may want to read about. It is one of the very few toenail fungus treatments that we recommend here at Operation Wellness.


Now there is no real right or wrong way to go about applying it. However, there are a few tips that can help to increase the likelihood that it is going to be effective.

1) Put your feet in warm water for 15 minutes and then wipe dry with a clean towel

This helps to soften up the area to allow for better absorption. If you don't have time for it you can skip it though, because it is not too important.

2) Trim the nail

Then you are going to want to trim up the nail. Cut off as much of the dead debris as possible. This way the VICKS can get to the root of the infection faster rather than having to try to absorb through already dead nail.

You may also want to trim the edge at a slight angle. This allows for more surface area at the end, which is where much absorption can occur.

3) Apply liberally

Don't skimp out when it comes to applying the vapor rub. Get it on your toenail, underneath it really good, and all around the area. It works best to apply a little, rub it in and let it absorb, and then apply a bit more.

Gloves should be worn so that you don't touch the infected area with your hands and a q-tip can be used to help get around the nail. 

4) Repeat 2 Times a Day

Rinse and repeat. You should try to do this at least twice a day. 

Another Alternative

Another good alternative if VICKS does not work or if you just want to try something different is EmuaidMAX, which I briefly mentioned above.

EmuaidMAX is another treatment that you would apply topically. It can be used for a number of things due to its antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

However, it is more expensive. That said, it seems to be more effective as well and is also marketed by the company for toenail fungus due to it's effectiveness.

Review of EmuaidMAX here

Comments or questions? Leave them below 🙂

Funginix Review

Is Funginix a Scam or a Treatment That Finally Works? – Review

Funginix it said to be "the trusted topical nail fungus treatment" and the single best combination of antifungal agents, essential oils and extracts for fighting fungus… But is it really?

There are so many antifungal products on the market that are over-hyped and are basically complete ripoffs, like Fungus Destroyer and Ultra Fungus Fix for example, so I completely understand why people are suspicious of this as well. 

Is Funginix a scam or is this the miracle treatment you have been waiting for?

Let's take a look…

Funginix Review

  • Product: Funginix
  • Manufacturer: Sisquoc Healthcare
  • Type: Nail fungus treatment
  • Price: Around $50/bottle
  • Recommended?: For some


Funginix is an antifungal topical treatment manufactured by a company based in California called Sisquoc Healthcare, which seems to be a decently reputable company by the way. They or a very small company but the good news is that they do have an ​A+ rating with the BBB.

There are also other Funginix products they make, such as a foot soap and foot soak, but I'm focused on their main product here, which is the topical antifungal treatment that comes in a little bottle.

Funginix can be applied to 2 times per day and they say that you should start seeing results within 2 weeks, much of the time a lot sooner than this.

Like any sort of topical antifungal ointment, you should apply under the nail bed and into the cuticles. Pro Tip: you may also want to cut your infected nails at an angle. This can allow for better absorption through the ends of your nails.

But you can apply all you want to and if the ingredients are not any good, it is not going to work. However, the ingredients in the lineup are actually pretty good all in all.

Do The Ingredients Really Work?

Now I'm not going to go over every single ingredient on the list, because there is a heck of a lot. I will go over some of the more important ones however. If you do want to see the entire list you can go to the official website here.

  • Undecylenic Acid, USP 10% - Undecylenic acid has been shown to stop growth of common fungi that causes things like ringworm, athletes foot and jock itch. It is a very common ingredient in nail fungus products.
  • Sweet Almond Oil - This oil is high in vitamin E, vitamin A and contains a healthy amount of fatty acids. This combination is good for reducing cellular damage as well as improving healing.
  • Uva Ursi Extract - This unusual ingredient is actually something I have seen in anti-fungal supplements before. While research done on its effectiveness is very limited, it does show some promise at dealing with toenail fungus. It has what you call "tannins" that help to fight off inflammation and infection.
  • Propolis Extract - Propolis has many good properties... anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-fungal. A flavonoid called pinocembrin, which it contains, is thought to be responsible for much of its antifungal effects.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Juice - Most people are familiar with aloe. It has an anti-inflammatory soothing effect that can help with healing, among other benefits.
  • Vitamin E - A very important vitamin, vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants of the vitamins and can prevent cellular damage and increase healing.
  • Camphor - This ingredient is actually in Vicks VapoRub, which is a commonly used for nail fungus. It has proven effectiveness against dermatophytes (which cause nail fungus). According to WebMD, it can increase blood-flow where applied and helps with healing, reducing inflammation, and other things that would be beneficial for toenail fungus.
  • Menthol - Besides smelling good, menthol is a strong antifungal and antibacterial. It can help kill fungus and prevent it from growing.
  • Tea Tree Oil - This is one of the most popularly used essential oils for treatment of nail fungus, probably because there is some proof that it works. One 2013 study showed its ability to reduce the growth of the Trichophyton rubrum fungus, which is responsible for ringworm.

The list of ingredients, based on the information I can find online and what has been proven in scientific studies, seems to be a pretty good combination. While it might not be the "single best combination" as they say it is, it definitely does have the potential to have positive effects against toenail fungus.

Any Side Effects?

On the official website it states that there are no adverse side effects to using this ointment, and this seems to be the truth.

You may experience some minor irritation and burning sensation, depending on how bad your infection is, but there is nothing major to worry about. It is not like this has a bunch of harsh synthetic chemicals or anything like that.

What Real Users are Saying

When I review a product like this I always like to see what "real" users are saying about it. Sure, they can show all the great testimonials they want to on their website, but I want to hear all of the negative reviews as well.

Amazon as a good place to find real user reviews and fortunately Funginix is indeed sold on Amazon.

I look at reviews here quite often so I have a good feel for how many negative reviews is "too much". This product, as I am writing this, has around 600 customer reviews total and in average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars... And to be honest that is pretty darn good, especially when it comes to antifungal treatments.

Sure, you have a fair number of people that simply do not see any results from this, but you also have a lot of people that are seeing positive effects. Nail fungus can be extremely difficult to get rid of so you will never find a product that has perfect ratings.

Conclusion - Scam or Worth a Try?

Based on what I see Funginix seems to be a decent product and very well could be worth a try if you have been trying everything trying to get rid of a bad case of toenail fungus… And this is coming from someone who can be pretty harsh when it comes to product reviews.

I don't see any reason to call it a scam.

My only concern is that the company that manufactures the product is a very small company and doesn't really have much of a reputation. Sure they have an A+ rating with the BBB like I mentioned in the beginning, but I would still rather see a more well-known company. However, this definitely does not mean that it is a scam or anything like that.

Emuaid MAX is another good topical toenail fungus treatment that I recommend that may be worth a look.

Smooth Face

Does Manuka Honey Help Wrinkles? – It Can & Here’s How!

If you are into health foods and like honey, then you surely came across Manuka honey before. This "super-honey" is said to be healthiest out there and has been used traditionally for everything ranging from wound healing , sore throat treatment, tooth decay prevention to digestive issues. Nowadays it's said to help with everything from cancer to toenail fungus... and many things in between.

But does it help with wrinkles? Can it remove those fine lines and give you that youthful looking skin you used to have?

Honey has long been used as a skin tightening remedy so it would make perfect sense that it could also reduce wrinkles... after all... if the skin is pulled tighter the wrinkles should reduce in appearance. But there is a lot more to it than just that, as we will go over in a bit.

Lets first talk about what exactly this strange honey is in the first place, because this is something many don't understand completely.

What exactly is Manuka honey?

Simply put, Manuka honey is honey that is made from bees that pollinate the Manuka bushes of New Zealand and Australia. The nectar that bees feed on when pollinating flowers is what makes honeys different for the most part. Nectar differs from plant to plant and this causes the honey produced by the bees to differ.

Manuka in particular is very dark in color, much darker than your typical clover honey that you often see all over in the stores. And besides the color it has additional health benefits that others do not. For example, as I will go over next, it contains a compound called Methylglyoxal which is a powerful antioxidant among other things and is responsible for many of the health benefits.

How It Can Help

It's Hydrating

One easily noticeable way that Manuka honey is beneficial and can help reduce wrinkle is by moisturizing the skin. It is a natural humectant, which just means that it retains and preserves moisture.

Not only does well-hydrated skin appear more plump and make wrinkles less noticeable, but it also allows for better nutrient transport throughout the skin so that it stays healthier.

Well hydrated skin is smoother skin that has less signs of wrinkles.

And It Helps Support Collagen

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Biological Chemisty suggests that Methylglyoxal reduces collagen degradation by inhibiting "the binding step of collagen phagocytosis". And Manuka honey contains high amounts of Methylglyoxal, which as I mentioned above is responsible for many of the benefits that Manuka honey has over other honeys.

Why is this important?

Well... because collagen is incredibly important for healthy and vibrant skin. Collagen is a protein that promotes skin elasticity and keeps it firm.

A study from Skin Pharmacology and Physiology tested the effects of collagen consumption on 69 women ages 35-55. The group was slip into 2, one took a placebo for 4 weeks while the other ingested 5g of collagen hydrolysate (common type). After the treatment the skin elasticity was measured and compared to beforehand. The results were that the skin elasticity was "significantly higher".

Collagen is easily one of the most proven supplements out there to benefit skin, and a lot more. So the fact that Manuka honey helps keep collagen around is a big deal, although we would like to see more scientific proof of it being able to do such.

Other Skin Benefits

  • Reduces cellular damage
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Kills bacteria
  • Cleans pores

Reduction of Cellular Damage

Antioxidant activity is often connected to anti-inflammatory activity as well, and that is exactly what we see with manuka honey. 

Antioxidants are very important for healthy and nice looking skin. They help stop free radicals, which are out of control oxygenated molecules that cause cellular damage and often take a noticeable toll on the skin.

An Anti-inflammatory

As far as anti-inflammatory properties go, they can work inside and outside the body. Many people who apply the honey topically report reductions in redness and it has even been shown to reduce inflammation in parts of the digestive system.

Kills Bacteria

Bacteria can cause a heck of a lot of problems... eczema, dermatitis, wounds, rashes, etc. Not all bacteria is bad and we all want a healthy microbial community on our skin for best health, but it can be a problem too.

Methylglyoxal (MG) is largely the reason for Manuka honey's antibacterial properties. In a 2016 study on methylglyoxal it suggests that this compound is able to de-flagellate bacteria, resulting in less motility and ultimately less bacteria.

This compound is found in large concentrations in the nectar of the Manuka flower, which is where many of Manuka honey's great benefits come from.

Cleans Out Pores

It can also help clean out your pores by pulling out excess oil, bacteria, and other impurities that can lead to unhealthy conditions.


There really is no right or wrong way to go about applying the honey to your skin. Some people just rub it on as needed and as is. However, you may want to try mixing in a big of warm water before massaging it in. This will help absorption and will make it easier to apply.

And you probably don't want to go around all day with honey on your face so it would also be a good idea to apply it at night before you go to sleep.

Ingestion of It Can Even Help

While applying it topically as a treatment for skin conditions such as wrinkles is the most effective, you can still get some of the many benefits it brings to the table from ingestion. 

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects upon ingestion can still help your skin out.

Getting Good Quality Honey Is Important

Unfortunately there is a problem with fake Manuka honey products. Basically what happens is scammers label other types of honey as Manuka so that they can sell it for more. There are organizations in place to eliminate this problem but you still should be careful with what you purchase.

Also be sure to find out how much concentrated the Manuka honey is before purchase. Different honeys will have varying ratios of Manuka honey vs other honeys.

Erectify Ultra

Does Erectify ULTRA Really Work or is It a Scam? – The Truth

Is Erectify ULTRA really the amazing erectile dysfunction cure that is said to be, or is this just another scam that is going to be a waste of your money?

They claim that this 100% natural treatment is a "secret" that the big pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know about… It can supposedly work miracles… But of course you can't always believe what you hear online and there are plenty of other scams out there that have made similar claims that I have exposed in the past.

I have gotten several comments by readers asking me to review this product so I finally decided to look into it. I quickly became aware why I was getting comments from people who were suspicious of the whole thing… It is marketed in a very "scammy" fashion and just seems a little bit too good to be true.

But is it a scam?

Well... This get into this review and find out.…

But before I get into the actual meat of the review, I first want to go over the ridiculous video presentation that I came across while doing my research. The video, which you may or may not have seen, with a massive 45 minutes in length and was put on by some guy named "John Stonner", who is supposedly a 58-year-old retired mechanical engineer from Chicago that had ED problems and spent months looking for answers.

*There may be more than one promotional video for this product.

Erectify Ultra video

If you were able to make it through the video that you should give yourself a pat on the back. Most people probably would cut out before even making it halfway through.

In the video presentation there are many things that caught my attention and seemed a bit suspicious… Leading me to believe that this very well could possibly be a scam. 

It Has Nothing to Do With Anything You Have Ever Heard Of..

Of course the guy tells you that this has nothing to do with anything you have ever heard of before… This is because he just wants you to sit there and watch the whole video and lure you into buying the product he is promoting.

He starts out talking about some "hidden sex organ" that controls your erections and is the key to more stamina, libido, sex drive, etc. But of course it has nothing to do with anything you have ever thought of… Nothing to do with testosterone or bloodflow.

* This is already one small lie because as you will see it does have to do with bloodflow.

It goes against everything the mainstream medical industry will tell you... and they are "FURIOUS"

Right on Que… He talks about how the pharmaceutical industry is furious about this video and it will likely get taken down before long. This is because they don't want you to know the real treatments for ED so that they can keep sucking money out of your pockets, or at least that is what he wants you to believe.

I highly doubt this however. I have reviewed a handful of other scams that have made this same exact claim, including Diabetes Destroyer and Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy. While it may be true that the pharmaceutical industry is less than ethical at times, I doubt they have any concern with this video or product.

And of course it was discovered in some remote part of the world where it has been a "secret"

He also claims that this "secret" was discovered being used for centuries in a remote part of the world... Which is also another common claim that I have found many of these "miracle health products" to make.

Apparently it all comes from the mating ritual used by the Tupi Indians.

Erectify VSL presentation

He tells you that these Indians never get ED and have hard erections into their 70s, 80s and even older.

After doing some research he supposedly found that the reason for this comes from the health benefits of some herbal tea that they drink, which contains a "secret ingredient" called Turnera Diffusa.

Some Truth... But Lots of Misleading Information

​​​​As you are probably well aware, there is a lot of rather misleading information in this sales pitch… Which is the reason you are probably suspicious of this whole thing in the first place.

However, there is some truth behind it.

The Endothelium:

Lets first discuss the endothelium… Which he claims is the "hidden sex organ" that the mainstream medical industry does not want you to know about. What he tells you is that it plays an important role in the formation of blood vessels in the penis and the rest of the body, and also produces nitric oxide. Basically what he leads you to believe is that the endothelium is the key to rockhard directions.

With endothelial dysfunction the smooth muscle cells can't relax properly and this prevents vasodilation, which means little to no erection. In a 2006 study (mentioned in the video) this was founded and it is suggested that ED and a dysfunctional endothelium are related.

However, Mr Jon Stonner presents the information in a very misleading way. While there is a good amount of research pointing to this being true, it is only "one piece of the puzzle" so to speak. Having a healthy endothelium does not necessarily mean you're going to have rockhard erections, although the two are linked.

Turnera diffusa (damiana):

Turnera diffusa, or damiana, is what he claims is the key to boosting endothelium health and maintaining erections into your 80s and beyond. He mentions several studies that supposedly prove this to be the miracle cure he claims it to be.

One of the studies mentioned (source here) suggests that it may hold sexual stimulant properties. Another study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology shows that high doses of flavonoids given to rats can prevent endothelial dysfunction... Flavonoids that are found in damiana.

This all sounds like great news, but the problem is that most of the studies are performed on rats at very high doses and is a far reach to realistically say that humans can get the same results.

This is just another good example of there being some truth to what he tells you, but all in all the claims are blown out of proportion.

But anyways… Enough of this… Let's get to the actual review of Erectify Ultra.

Erectify ULTRA Review

Erectify Ultra

Erectify Ultra is supposedly the creation of this Jon Stonner guy, who might not even exist and is probably just a fictitious character that was made up to promote this product.

But anyways… It is a 100% natural supplement that is marketed as a "cure all" miracle, or at least that is how it seems to me.

A look at the Ingredients

In the video presentation you are told that it contains the "perfect amount" of 16 different ingredients, but really doesn't tell you much more than that. Not even on the official website do they tell you the amount of these ingredients that the supplement contains.

I had to do a little digging around and was finally able to find a list of the dosages of all the different ingredients on another website. They are as follows…

  • Vitamin E 20 IU
  • Vitamin D3 40 mg
  • Horny Goat Weed 280 mg
  • Hawthorne Berry 250 mg
  • Damiana Leaf 200 mg
  • Muira Puama 200 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 120 mg
  • Chinese Ginseng 120 mg
  • Tribulus Fruit Extract 120 mg
  • Catuaba Bark 84.5 mg
  • Saw Palmetto 84.5 mg
  • Inosine 50 mg
  • L-Arginine 50 mg
  • Oat Straw 32 mg
  • Cayenne Fruit 20 mg
  • Soy Isolate Protein 0.5 mg

 Now you probably recognize a fair number of these ingredients, such as vitamin D, vitamin E and so on. You may also recognize that a lot of these ingredients are going to be pretty much completely worthless. For example… What the heck is 20 IU of vitamin D going to do for you? Practically nothing. And the same goes for vitamin D… That is such a small dose that I don't even know what the point is of including it in such a supplement.

It is the more exotic ingredients in this supplement that catch your attention… Things like horny goat weed, the damiana leaf, catuaba bark, etc. But don't be fooled by these strange ingredients and all the hype surrounding them.

While this supplement does have a lot of good ingredients that "could" help, if you do little bit of research and look around on reputable sites like WebMD and Examine.com, you will find that these ingredients lack good hard evidence to support many of the claims made by Erectify Ultra and are not going to be comparable to prescription pills.

The Upside:

The upside is that these ingredients are all 100% natural. There is nothing crazy about them and you don't have to worry much about side effects. Of course you have the typical side effects that some people have experienced, like upset stomach, nausea, asthma, and so on… But for the most part there's nothing to be too concerned about.

Another Over-hyped Product

My readers and followers wanted me to review this product and I am giving you my honest answer here… It seems like another over-hyped product that simply is not going to be the miracle they lead you to believe it is.

If it really were an amazing product they would not have to use all the ridiculous "scammy" marketing tactics to lure people in… You know, like the scare tactics they use where they say you have to buy in right away because "big Pharma" is going to shut them down, how they try to scare you away from other ED pills and warn you about all the dangers, and also how they say that the price is going to be increasing if you don't buy in right away.

Will you see any positive benefits to taking the supplement?

While it does have some potential, the doses are too low to have any significant impact.

And you can't really trust this company..

You should also know that this product is made by a company called "Healthy Male Concepts", which I have looked into and can't find any information on. This is a bit worrisome because when taking supplements you want to be able to trust what you are putting into your body.

Conclusion: Scam?

I don't know if I would call this a straight up scam, but I can definitely see why other people are calling it such. If your definition of a scam is a product that is over-hyped and marketed in a incredibly misleading way, luring people in with the hopes and dreams of it being some miracle, then yes this is a scam. However, I'm not going to call it a pure scam myself simply because there is a possibility that it could have some positive effects on erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion this is another product I definitely would not recommend.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my honest review and found it helpful. Please leave your comments and questions below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Man with Back Pain

Is Dr Ho’s Decompression Belt a Scam or Does It Actually Work?

Dr Ho's decompression belt is advertised as a simple and effective way to alleviate back pain and provide necessary support, but does it really work as good as they claim? And… Is it really worth the money or is it just another scam back pain product that is going to be a big letdown? Let's find out…

There is plenty of promotional material out there for this particular decompression belt, making it by far one of the most popular on the market. It is advertised as being good for people who drive for long periods of time, sit around for most of the day, cook, garden, and so on. Pretty much it is shown as an effective solution for mostly anyone with back pain.

While it does have its perks and is effective for some, this is not going to be an all-in-one solution. It is not going to be a cure-all that works for everyone, as you will see in this review.

Dr-Ho's 2-in-1 Decompression Belt Review

  • Creator: Dr Ho (Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture)
  • Purpose: Back pain
  • Benefits: Support, pain relief, healing, easy to use
  • Recommended?: Yes, but not for everyone (more on why)
  • Best Place to Buy: Click Here


DR-HOs 2-in-1 Decompression Belt

As the name suggests, a "decompression" belt decompresses your lower back where the belt is put in place. Basically what it does is stretches your back and relieves stress on your lower spine, along with providing good support and improving posture.

This belt is very easy to use. It features Velcro for easy fastening and adjustment along with a small hand pump for inflation, which I will talk more about in a bit. It can easily be worn underneath clothing throughout the day. And you don't always need to have it inflated... Walking around with it on un-inflated will still provide some support which might be helpful.

One of the good things about this particular decompression belt is that it is backed by a leader in the back pain prevention industry, Dr. Michael Ho who is a doctor of chiropractic and acupuncture. He is the creator and his life's work has been devoted to musculoskeletal pain and self-care, much of it focused on the spine.

How It Works

It's pretty simple really… The belt features interior tubes that inflate with air and provide a vertical traction as well as support once they are fully inflated. Inflation is made possible by a small hand-held pump and expands the inner tubes by about 4.5 to 7 inches as they are blown up with air.

decompression belt

The picture above really shows what's going on here. As the belt inflates it compresses the back and expands vertically, pushing up on the rib cage and down on the pelvic crest, thus decompressing the spine and providing more space in between the individual vertebrae.

After it is fully inflated it maintains a rigid shape that also provides good support to keep your back sturdy.

It works like an inversion table...

Basically it does the same thing as an inversion table, which are well proven to do wonders for lower back pain. While it isn't going to provide as good of separation between the individual vertebrae as an inversion table, it does have some perks… perks like being able to walk around with it on, which you obviously cannot do when you are hanging upside down on an inversion table

But Does It Really Work?

Okay... I get it, I get it… In theory it makes perfect sense… The belt decompresses the spine and relieves stress/tension, which then relieves pain and so on. But what are people who have used this belt actually saying about it? Are they cheering with joy at the miracle it has performed or are they disappointed?

Well… If you read reviews online you are likely to find both types of stories. I have read reviews of people with herniated discs and severe sciatica pain that have experienced instant relief when using the belt… People who have blown through tons of money trying to get rid of their back pain and had incredible results… But then there are also those who have negative things to say about it.

Amazon is a good website to find real customer reviews when looking into products like this. While you can't trust every review you read, you can still get a good idea of what real users have to say about things.

There are plenty of good reviews that you will see when scanning through the hundreds of them, such as these two that I took a screenshot of…


And there also a fair amount of somewhat negative reviews, such as these…


Now I will say that there are more positive reviews than negative, but the bottom line is that this is NOT going to work for everyone, and in some cases it may even make conditions worse.

Whether or not you are going to experience relief from the belt depends on a lot of things such as what exactly the cause of your back pain is, where it is occurring specifically, and even things like the shape of your body and how well it fits.

Pros v Cons


  • Provides relief and support - For most people it is more than likely going to provide some relieve due to the decompression of the spine. Support is also a good benefit that will relieve stress and pain.
  • Small and portable - As mentioned earlier, this is something that you are obviously going to be able to wear around with you throughout the day. Inversion tables are great, but you can only use them as you hang upside down in one place while this is small and portable.
  • Easy to take on/off - The Velcro is a nice feature. It is simple to get on and off as well as to adjust.
  • 90 day money-back guarantee - If you don't like it for some reason you can send it on back and get your money back. You have 90 days to do this which is plenty. This just goes to show how much the manufacturer believes in their product.


  • Expensive - The belt is fairly expensive. However, you might be able to get your insurance to cover it. I'll touch more on this in a bit.
  • Can be uncomfortable - Some people are going to have no problem wearing this while others are going to be uncomfortable. There are many variables that determine this... things dealing with the shape of your body being at the top of the list.
  • Won't help all back pain - This does what it says it does but it isn't going to be a cure-all. Hopefully it will help you but there is definitely not guarantee. At least there is that money-back guarantee though if it doesn't work.

Worth Buying or Not?

If you are considering buying this belt then just make sure you would know exactly what you are buying, because it is a bit expensive. However, if you have tried just about anything and think this has a fighting chance, it may be well worth it.

It is a back pain product that is worth further consideration if you have…

  • Stiffness and tension in the lower back
  • Bulging or herniated disks
  • Scoliosis

...which is going to account for a large percentage of people with back pain out there.

In addition to relieving tension and stress on your lower back, one thing that is not talked about very much is that it can also help your lower back heal itself. By providing separation of the vertebrae it allows for better blood flow and delivery of nutrients, which very well could be the little extra boost that your body needs to heal itself. But again, this is just a possibility and depends on your situation and cause of back pain.

Where to Buy

The Dr Ho decompression belt can be purchased directly on Amazon here

If you have Medicare or private insurance you could get it at little to no cost

If you do purchase it on the official website the good thing is that you can easily get it covered by Medicare or private insurance.

You will be able to submit a bit of personal information about yourself and the company will submit a request on your behalf to have it covered, which may be partially or fully depending on your insurance.

Something else you may want to look into buying to relieve back pain is Turmeric Curcumin, which has shown to be a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. 

I hope you enjoyed this unbiased review and found it helpful. Questions or comments? Leave them down below in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Hemp Plant and CBD Molecule

CBD Oil for Toenail Fungus – Cure or Waste of Money?

Is CBD oil worth giving a try when it comes to fighting off toenail fungus? Could this be a miracle cure? Or is it something that is just going to be a waste of time and money?

CBD oil has been on an absolute surge of popularity recently. More and more scientific studies are being published showing the many benefits of this incredible compound and is being used for everything from epilepsy, to depression, anxiety, inflammation, pain relief, appetite, memory, acne and so on… So why not for toenail fungus as well?

Well… Unfortunately this is probably not the best choice to fight off that nasty unwanted fungus that has been plaguing your toenails. While it may be somewhat effective, at this point it is still a gamble and you will understand what I mean by this in a bit.

What is CBD oil in the first place?

Lets first start off by discussing what exactly CBD oil is. In a nutshell, it is a strong extract from the cannabis sativa plant. It can be extracted from either the marijuana or the hemp plants, because both are in the same species, but is usually taken from hemp plants since they are less modified.

CBD is just one of over 100 cannabidoids in cannabis. Some other popular ones you may have heard of include THC, CBG, CBC and CBN. THC is the compound in marijuana that causes the "high", yet CBD is non-psychoactive and you don't have to worry about anything like that.

Antimicrobial properties

While doing research into the antimicrobial powers of the cannabis plant, I read an interesting article that brought up the point of how the plant is often referred to as "weed" due to its ability to grow rapidly and very easily, which is at least in part due to its resistance to microbes such as bacteria, fungi, etc.

Compare this two bamboo for example, which is the fastest growing plant on earth and is well known to have strong antimicrobial properties.

And when it comes to the resistance against microbes that the cannabis plant presents, there is scientific proof to back up such claims. For example, as an antibacterial it has been shown to even be effective against antibiotic resistant MRSA.

However, there is a problem…

The problem with this theory

While the cannabis plant in all of its entirety may hold some very strong antimicrobial properties, and antifungal properties in particular, there are so many different compounds in the plant that you cannot simply attribute them to the CBD cannabinoid just for the heck of it.

In fact, according to an article in the British Journal of Pharmacology CBG and CBC have been proven to be mildly antifungal, yet there was no information regarding CBD's antifungal properties.

Limited Info

The bottom line here is that when it comes to the effects of CBD on fungal infections, there is limited information.

It could very well be true that CBD oil is effective at treating such infections, such as those dealing with the nails, but there just isn't enough proof as of yet.

That said, 

it can generally be said that cannabinoid compounds do show antifungal activity.

Alternative approachs

However, there is still some promise that CBD oil could potentially be a cure due to its immune system boosting ability.

Boosts Immune System

Well… When I say "immune system boosting" is actually quite the opposite. In fact, CBD has actually been shown to suppress the immune system.

However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It sounds like it would be the opposite of what you want, but often times unwanted conditions are the result of an overactive immune system, an immune system doing too much and attacking your own body.

Worth giving a try?

May be in the future this will be a recommendation for treating nail fungus, but as of now I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are very desperate and have tried just about everything else. The fact of the matter is that there just hasn't been enough research into it to show whether or not it is effective.

Out of all the information I could find, there was only one article I came across that reported some patient getting rid of nail fungus with cannabis oil, but could be due to the other cannabinoids it contains, like CBG and CBC which are known to have some antifungal effects. But even these cannabinoids are very understudied and not well proven for such treatments.

My best recommendation at this point would be to use something that has been well proven for its effectiveness against nail fungal infections, like Emuaid MAX.

Keto Ultra Diet Website

Do Keto Ultra Diet Pills Really Work or is This a Scam?

Do the Keto Ultra Diet pills really work? Is this really the "easiest way to lose weight"? Will these pills actually help your body get into a state of ketosis?

And what is up with this "BHB formula"?

There are a lot of claims made about this diet supplement, which made it seem like the greatest thing to ever hit the market, but can you really trust everything that you hear? The answer is of course you cannot trust at all, which is why I am writing this review in the first place.

And one thing I want to make known right off the bat is that I am not promoting it, which means that this is actually and unbiased review, unlike the many others that I read while doing my research which are just trying to promote the product and make money off of it.

In summary... the Keto Ultra Diet pills are not something that I'm going to be recommending to my readers, and for good reason as you will see.

What is Keto Ultra Diet?

The Keto Ultra Diet is a supplement that supposedly can help you get into a state of ketosis, which can in turn help you lose weight and provide other benefits, such as increased energy and so on. It has the same goal as the Keto OS supplement I've reviewed recently, which is also achieving a state of ketosis.

It is said to be 100% natural, can help you burn fat faster than ever, and I even saw promotions online of claims that people are losing up to 1 pound of fat per day with this stuff.

However, right off the bat... When I first started digging a little deeper into this supplement I was getting suspicious.

One of the first rather unusual things that I came across was that this supplement used to go by the name of "Keto Pro Diet"… And now of course it is called Keto Ultra Diet.

keto ultra diet name change

Now there is nothing wrong with a company changing the name of one of their supplements, but this brings up the question of why? Why did they change name? After all... "Keto Diet Pro" isn't any better or worse of a name than "Keto Ultra Diet", so why the change?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is bad publicity… As and they change the name due to it getting a bad reputation and wanted to start with a clean slate.

But anyways… That is just a guess, and as you will see there are more "strange occurrences" that I will go over.

But first let's talk about what exactly ketosis is… Which is point of taking this supplement in the first place.


In a nutshell, ketosis is a state in which you can get your body into where it starts burning fat as its main source of energy, rather than glucose or carbs. This is of course a desirable state to be in because many people out there are looking to burn fat and lose weight, not to mention that ketosis has also been shown to provide a nice steady flow of energy throughout the day.

This point of this supplement is to help your body get into ketosis much faster, which naturally can take quite a long time.

Is this really a "revolutionary breakthrough"?

This supplement is all about Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which they tell you starts the process of ketosis and which they claim they have "modified".

Now I have no idea what exactly they mean when they say they have "modified" BHB because they offer no explanation about such.

While I probably wouldn't go as far as saying that it is a "revolutionary breakthrough", there is some science to back up the claims that supplementing BHB can bring your body into ketosis.

According to Everyday Health, taking supplements like this can help "enhance" your state of ketosis.

A look at the ingredients

First off... Let me start by saying that it was rather difficult to find the actual list of ingredients in this supplement. I read over multiple "shady" reviews with mixed information… One review would say that it has these ingredients, while another review would say completely different ingredients. It took me a while to actually find out what the heck was in this stuff… Because even on the official website they do not tell you, which is definitely strange.

But anyways… Here you can see a picture of what is actually in the bottle…


If the print is too small, it states that there is a 800 mg "proprietary blend" of…

  • Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate 
  • Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate 
  • Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate 

Now all of these ingredients are what you call "BHB", just in different forms, and they all occur naturally, forming from the digestive process of fat.

So basically the point of taking these BHB ingredients is to trick your body into thinking that it is already burning fat and in a state of ketosis, which will then (mostly in theory) lead to your body burning more fat and continuing a state of ketosis.

Will it work?

While the information is limited, there have been some studies suggesting supplementing BHB's effectiveness in inducing such a state.

That said, if you are planning on supplementing something like this, you are also going to have to be on a keto diet, meaning a very low carb diet.

Can it be trusted?

One important question that definitely needs to be addressed is whether or not this supplement can actually be trusted.

When it comes to the supplement industry, there are plenty of scams out there that were created for nothing more than to trick people into spending their money on things that do not work, or on supplements that claim they have all the special ingredient in the bottle when in reality they don't.

I saw on the official website that they state this supplement is manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), but unfortunately I see no evidence of this or no other information on it.

Some things that concern me...

One thing that I noticed is that many of the websites that sell this supplement are very sketchy… Often engaging in misleading marketing tactics, such as false scarcity and other rather "scammy" things.

Another thing that I noticed is that my malware blocking software that I run on my computer constantly actually restricted me from going to several of these websites, and obviously had a reason for placing such a restriction.

Then something else that is a bit odd, is the fact that there is another supplement on the market, actually available on Amazon, called "Complete Keto Diet" that looks like another duplicate product with a different name…

Complete Keto Diet

This supplement has the exact same ingredients in the exact same dosage as Keto Ultra Diet, and the bottle has pretty much an identical design, with very little difference.

Not only is this strange enough, but to make matters even worse, there are plenty of negative reviews of this product on Amazon, such as this one for example…

amazon review

The company behind it... Can you trust them?

Of course it is always a good idea to look into the companies that are manufacturing the supplements that you take. As I mentioned earlier on, there have been plenty of cases where untrustworthy companies have ripped off customers, such as by lying about what they put on the label and so on.

Can you trust this place?

Well… In my opinion… Probably not. Unfortunately I was not able to find any information on the company behind the Keto Ultra Diet pills. 

*If you are reading this and do have any information about the manufacturer, please let me know in the comment section below.

Conclusion - Scam?

While this supplement could perhaps help your body get into a state of ketosis faster than what is naturally possible, and in turn could help you lose weight as well as help provide you with a better energy flow, this is definitely not a supplement that I am going to be recommending to my readers.

As far as I see, this stuff just can't be trusted. The company is not transparent by any means and there is little-known about this supplement other than what is said on the label, which really isn't all that much. It reminds me a lot of the shady Ultra Omega Burn product that is still really popular.

Yes... taking BHB supplements might be worth a try, but I would recommend trying a different supplement that actually has some credibility.

Keto Ultra Diet it is marketed in a very over-hyped and somewhat misleading fashion, and overall there is just a lot about it that I don't like the looks of.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please leave your thoughts, comments, questions, etc. below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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Side Effects of Royal Jelly that You Should Know First

Royal jelly is surging in use across the globe, particularly for medicinal benefits. And it is no wonder… With the rising trend of natural and healthy alternatives to prescription medications and the like, just about any promising "superfood" has been seeing an upward trend.

It is commonly used for everything from asthma, liver disease, diabetes, various skin conditions, cholesterol, hair growth, cognition, and the list goes on… And although it does lack scientific proof for many of the claimed benefits, it nonetheless does qualify as a "superfood" as you will see.

But are there any things you should know about before taking this substance? Any potentially harmful side effects of royal jelly that you need to be aware of?

Well... As with anything in life, including molecules as harmless as water, there are always potentially harmful side effects, which will be the focus of this short article.

But before I get into all that, let's first cover what exactly Royal Jelly, or RJ as I'll be calling it for short, is...

What is royal jelly?

In in a nutshell, it is a nutrient packed secretion that is created by worker bees.

It is so "super" in fact, that it is actually what separates the queen bee from the other normal little bees. When in larvae form, the queen bee is just like all of the others… but when fed RJ this lone bee grows to massive proportions and lays claim to the throne… as the queen of all.

So if it is such a superfood for bees, why not for humans too? It makes perfect sense, right? I mean... Manuka honey is another bee creation that is considered a superfood... so why not this stuff too..

But… Of course humans are very different from bees, as is visually apparent, so what is good and healthy for one won't necessarily be so for the other, which brings me to the side effects that are possible…

Side Effects

As you are probably expecting, and as also stated on WebMD, it is generally safe when consumed orally. In fact, there is one study mentioned on this website where people consumed a product with a combination of royal jelly, bee pollen extract, and bee pollen plus pistol extract for two months, as well as another study on the consumption of a similar combination product for three months… All with no side effects.

That said, there are some possible side effects that you should be aware of, these include…

#1 - Allergic Reactions

If you have severe allergies to pollen and/or bees then RJ may be something that you want to avoid.

The reason for this is because of the protein compounds that RJ contains, that are often associated with bees and pollen, which can cause asthma and anaphylaxis, as well as bronchospasms.

The reason for such reactions would be from having an "immature" system that overreacts to substances it perceives as being harmful, when in reality they are not. The same goes for any allergic reaction.

If you do have allergies to pollen and/or bees, but you really really want to try RJ, just make sure to start off with very low doses and gradually move forward.

#2 - Scalp Reactions

Another possible side effect with the use of RJ is scalp inflammation… If of course you are planning on applying it topically to your scalp.

That said, this seems to be highly unlikely. The only reason I mention it here is because I have found this particular side effect mentioned on several different trustworthy websites, such as WebMD and Drugs.com, although I do not know where they originally obtained information about this.

Basically all that is listed from these different websites is that it has in fact caused inflammation and rashes when applied to the scalp. But based on many other experiences I have read about this, it is probably nothing to worry about by any means.

#3 - Tooth Decay

Now this is pretty much completely dependent on what type of RJ supplements you are actually taking.

The reason tooth decay is a possible side effect is because many RJ supplements actually include honey mixed in with it. This is a popular combination because of this substance's shelf life being pretty short when pure and unmixed, but when being mixed with honey having a much longer shelf life.

And of course we all know how sugary honey is. If you are consuming it regularly it can undoubtedly lead to tooth decay.

But if you are not taking a RJ and honey combination supplement, I wouldn't worry. In itself, royal jelly is only 10 to 16% sugar, and when taking it as a pure product, much of the time it is taken in capsules.

#4 - Increased Bleeding Possibility

On WebMD they mentioned that there is some evidence that it interacts with Warfarin (the prescription drug) and you can increase your chances of bleeding/bruising if you are taking a combination of the two.

This statement apparently comes from a case of a man who experienced increased bleeding while taking the two simultaneously and doctors suspected it could be from RJ.

However, there is very limited information on this and definitely not much proof that RJ would be the cause. To me it seems like a very long reach to place the blame on this bee secretion.

A Healthy and Safe Choice

While there are some side effects worth mentioning, there really is nothing to be too concerned about when it comes to taking royal jelly based on what I have found. As you just read in the list I just went over, there is a lot of uncertainty and lack of proof when it comes to such talk.

And there are plenty of studies out there showing that people can safely take quite a hefty load over an extended period of time without any problems.

I mentioned a couple studies earlier on about people taking such supplements for two and three months with no problems, but there also others out there that show a much higher consumption being safe as well.

  1. A study of 61 volunteers took royal jelly for 6 months. The volunteers ranged anywhere from 42 to 83 years old and took 3000 mg of RJ per day or a placebo for six months… Besides it showing awesome benefits like an increase in red blood cell production, glucose tolerance and mental health increase, there were no side effects mentioned.
  2. Another study performed on 49 overweight people had a similar outcome. Although this study was to test RJ's effect on cholesterol, which had a very positive outcome of lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol, the point is that these people took 10 g of RJ for 14 days with no side effects.

Lots of proven benefits..

While a lot of the claimed benefits that royal jelly has are still unproven, or just lack enough scientific backing, there are a number of benefits that have been fairly well proven, some of which include…

  • Can be used as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral
  • Increases red blood cell count
  • Can lower blood sugar
  • Cholesterol balancing
  • Increasing cognition
  • And more

Can you take too much?

Because it is a rather new "superfood" that is still widely understudied, there isn't any real good suggested dosage that scientists have agreed on unanimously.

That said, it doesn't seem to be any danger in consuming a lot of the stuff. I already mentioned quite a few studies where people were taking it at a decent dosage for an extended period of time, and according to according to examine.com it has even been safely consumed at as much as 6 g per day.

My best advice would be to simply follow the recommended daily amount on whatever supplement you are taking, assuming of course that he supplement you are taking is trustworthy.

I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Comments or questions? Please leave them down below in the comment section…

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