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    Hi, I’m Kyle and welcome to my site.. Operation Wellness. The title of this is play on words and is supposed to somewhat resemble a newspaper outlet. It makes it seem bigger and with more authority than it actually is. Because in reality this is just a 1 man site.

    You may be wondering who I am and why you should trust me. I’ll explain…

    I’m just a normal person that has a keen interest in healthy living, particularly when it comes to natural healthy living. I’ve always been into researching & testing out new foods to see if they live up the the hype. That’s pretty much it.. this is just something that I love and enjoy.

    If you are looking for professional advice from someone with a doctorate in nutrition then this simply is not the place you are looking for.  I hold no related degrees.

    The Goal Here

    Here at Operation Wellness my goal is to spread the word about natural food/supplement choices people can make to improve their health. In modern times most people run to the doctor when they come down with a fever and usually the end result is them popping pills and taking all sorts of man made medicines.

    Medicines created by man can be a great choice, but it seems that often times they create additional problems. Its like they eliminate the problem at hand yet create a load of other problems.

    Sometimes it is best to take medicine that comes from the earth and not the lab. Spreading this message is what this site is all about

    What You Can Expect

    I scour the web, tests out food/supplements, analyzes lab reports and bunch everything I find into easy-to-read posts/articles that tell you what I think you need to know. There is no telling what you may find on this site. As long as it is related to natural health choices then it is fair game. I publish content on everything from supplement reviews, to benefits of different foods, to side effects and more.

    Much of the information out there lacks a personal touch. This is something else I hope to change. Because I have personally tried and tested much of what I am talking about (not all), I can speak from experience.  This is something that I know I would appreciate if I were a reader so I imagine others can too.

    How To Get In Contact With Me

    If you have a questions or comment on a specific post that I wrote then the easiest way to get in contact with me is to leave a reply below the post. This way I know what the question pertains to. I usually get back to people on their questions within 48 hours but this of course depends on the complexity of the question.

    If you need to get in contact with me for another reason then I can be reached at kyle[at]operation-wellness.com. If you want to email me here you will need to replace the ‘[at]’ with the ‘@’ symbol. The purpose of me doing that is to keep bots from getting my email.