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Is Royal Jelly a Scam

Is Royal Jelly a Scam With No Benefit? – Let’s Take a Look

Royal jelly, they say this stuff treats just about any problem, ailment, or disease, but does it really? Does this "superfood" really have superpowers? Or is Royal jelly a scam?

Is this just another fad that is going to make its run and then die off into the distance never to be seen again?

You've probably read things online that it can benefit people in all sorts of ways. Of course you can't always trust what you read, but supposedly it…

  • Boosts immune health
  • Fights effects of aging
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Helps the body heal
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • And even helps improve cognitive function

But it's not like we haven't seen all sorts of over-hyped "super foods" in the past that are a big hit for a little while as they just make their way onto the health scene, then lose their edge when people find out they really aren't as effective as they thought.

What exactly is Royal Jelly in the first place?

Royal jelly is a nutrient-rich secretion created by worker bees as a food for larvae and the adult queen bee.

This secretion is fed to all of the larvae early on, and all of the larvae are identical. However, one of these larvaes rises to the top and becomes queen, which is the result of being fed this Royal jelly secretion for an extended period of time.

That's right, the consumption of Royal jelly is what separates the queen bee from the peasant (worker) bees, and it allows her to stay strong as well as live up to 40 times longer.

Pretty crazy right?

If it can do all of this for a bee then it makes sense that it would at least have some health benefits for humans, does it not?

And contrary to what you may think, this is not some new health fad. Supplementing Royal jelly for medicinal reasons has been used in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years, and it is now becoming increasingly popular in the West.

It seems that a lot of different Chinese medicines are becoming more popular nowadays with the rise of holistic health approaches.

Does It Have Proven Health Benefits?

Okay, so it has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years and is what makes a queen bee so big and strong, but this doesn't necessarily prove that it is actually beneficial for humans to consume.

Is there any scientific proof of this?

Of course we always want good old-fashioned science to back up the claims.

Fortunately, yes there is. Although there is definitely room for a heck of a lot more research on the many potential health benefits of royal jelly, there is a body of research that is continuing to grow.

I'm not going to be covering every single benefit that has been discovered, but below are a list of a few studies that prove its effectiveness, and/or potential effectiveness in certain areas…

  • 2012 study published in the Nutrition Journal concludes that RJ improves red blood cell production, glucose tolerance and mental health after a long 6 month test on 61 healthy volunteers.
  • Another 2012, this one published in Joint Diseases & Related Surgery, concluded that RJ can decrease bone loss due to osteoporosis
  • 2015 study suggests that taking royal jelly may even increase the quality of regenerated bone, which could be of high importance for people who suffer from broken bones.
  • Study from 2011 in the journal Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests that oral administration of RJ may increase the regeneration of hippocampal granule cells, which are important in cognitive processes. In a nutshell... it could make you smarter or ward off degenerative cognitive conditions.
  • 2014 study in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine suggests that royal jelly may help control diabetes. In this study 25 female volunteers with type 2 diabetes supplemented RJ and afterwards their mean fasting "blood glucose decreased remarkably".
  • 2016 study from Mediators of Inflammation shows that royal jelly has anti-inflammatory effects, some of which coming from three fatty acids it contains. RJ was shown to have inhibitory effects on major inflammatory-mediators.

As mentioned there is still a lot more room for research to be done. Many of the studies simply suggest that royal jelly has certain benefits, such as by saying that it "may" do this, or "could" do that.

However, the amount of research that has been done on it already is very promising.

It is an incredibly nutrient-dense food for bees that leads to the rise of the queen bee and it definitely has some benefits for men and women too.

Side Effects

The majority of people out there will not have to worry at all about side effects, however there is some potential for royal jelly to cause harm.

Royal jelly is a bee product, as you already know. So it makes sense that some people may experience allergic reactions that result in asthma and swelling of the throat. 

If you have allergies to pollen you may want to be extremely careful with this. If you are concerned, be sure to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Scam or Not?

So is royal jelly a scam?

I think you can see that the answer to this is… Absolutely not.

While there are definitely some over-hyped claims out there that somewhat make this food seem like a "cure all" or miracle causing superfood, which may be a bit misleading, there is no doubt that royal jelly has many health benefits, some known and some either un-backed by science or undiscovered.

Be Careful What You Buy

If you are going to buy royal jelly you want to be careful with what you purchase. There are a lot of products out there and it can be a bit confusing because they vary a lot.

Some royal jelly products are mixed with honey so that they last longer, some are sold in capsule form, some are just pure jelly and so on.

The products that are not 100% pure you of course are going to want to make sure you know how much royal jelly is actually in them, so you know whether or not you're getting ripped off.

Also be sure to read the labels. Some products may require refrigeration and others may not. It all depends on how they are packaged, prepared and whether or not they are mixed with other substances which could help with preservation.

How to Add It Into Your Diet

Well of course if you buy royal jelly in softgel capsules they can be taken at any time.

However, if you buy royal jelly in a jar you may want to add it into your diet by way of mixing it with drinks, such as coffee, tea, smoothies etc.

The substance is a thick white/yellow pale gel -like substance that is sweet but also has a somewhat acidic/bitter taste to it, so you may also want to mix it with something sweet like honey if it isn't already.

Nurse Ready to Treat Patient

Side Effects of Royal Jelly that You Should Know First

Royal jelly is surging in use across the globe, particularly for medicinal benefits. And it is no wonder… With the rising trend of natural and healthy alternatives to prescription medications and the like, just about any promising "superfood" has been seeing an upward trend.

It is commonly used for everything from asthma, liver disease, diabetes, various skin conditions, cholesterol, hair growth, cognition, and the list goes on… And although it does lack scientific proof for many of the claimed benefits, it nonetheless does qualify as a "superfood" as you will see.

But are there any things you should know about before taking this substance? Any potentially harmful side effects of royal jelly that you need to be aware of?

Well... As with anything in life, including molecules as harmless as water, there are always potentially harmful side effects, which will be the focus of this short article.

But before I get into all that, let's first cover what exactly Royal Jelly, or RJ as I'll be calling it for short, is...

What is royal jelly?

In in a nutshell, it is a nutrient packed secretion that is created by worker bees.

It is so "super" in fact, that it is actually what separates the queen bee from the other normal little bees. When in larvae form, the queen bee is just like all of the others… but when fed RJ this lone bee grows to massive proportions and lays claim to the throne… as the queen of all.

So if it is such a superfood for bees, why not for humans too? It makes perfect sense, right? I mean... Manuka honey is another bee creation that is considered a superfood... so why not this stuff too..

But… Of course humans are very different from bees, as is visually apparent, so what is good and healthy for one won't necessarily be so for the other, which brings me to the side effects that are possible…

Side Effects

As you are probably expecting, and as also stated on WebMD, it is generally safe when consumed orally. In fact, there is one study mentioned on this website where people consumed a product with a combination of royal jelly, bee pollen extract, and bee pollen plus pistol extract for two months, as well as another study on the consumption of a similar combination product for three months… All with no side effects.

That said, there are some possible side effects that you should be aware of, these include…

#1 - Allergic Reactions

If you have severe allergies to pollen and/or bees then RJ may be something that you want to avoid.

The reason for this is because of the protein compounds that RJ contains, that are often associated with bees and pollen, which can cause asthma and anaphylaxis, as well as bronchospasms.

The reason for such reactions would be from having an "immature" system that overreacts to substances it perceives as being harmful, when in reality they are not. The same goes for any allergic reaction.

If you do have allergies to pollen and/or bees, but you really really want to try RJ, just make sure to start off with very low doses and gradually move forward.

#2 - Scalp Reactions

Another possible side effect with the use of RJ is scalp inflammation… If of course you are planning on applying it topically to your scalp.

That said, this seems to be highly unlikely. The only reason I mention it here is because I have found this particular side effect mentioned on several different trustworthy websites, such as WebMD and Drugs.com, although I do not know where they originally obtained information about this.

Basically all that is listed from these different websites is that it has in fact caused inflammation and rashes when applied to the scalp. But based on many other experiences I have read about this, it is probably nothing to worry about by any means.

#3 - Tooth Decay

Now this is pretty much completely dependent on what type of RJ supplements you are actually taking.

The reason tooth decay is a possible side effect is because many RJ supplements actually include honey mixed in with it. This is a popular combination because of this substance's shelf life being pretty short when pure and unmixed, but when being mixed with honey having a much longer shelf life.

And of course we all know how sugary honey is. If you are consuming it regularly it can undoubtedly lead to tooth decay.

But if you are not taking a RJ and honey combination supplement, I wouldn't worry. In itself, royal jelly is only 10 to 16% sugar, and when taking it as a pure product, much of the time it is taken in capsules.

#4 - Increased Bleeding Possibility

On WebMD they mentioned that there is some evidence that it interacts with Warfarin (the prescription drug) and you can increase your chances of bleeding/bruising if you are taking a combination of the two.

This statement apparently comes from a case of a man who experienced increased bleeding while taking the two simultaneously and doctors suspected it could be from RJ.

However, there is very limited information on this and definitely not much proof that RJ would be the cause. To me it seems like a very long reach to place the blame on this bee secretion.

A Healthy and Safe Choice

While there are some side effects worth mentioning, there really is nothing to be too concerned about when it comes to taking royal jelly based on what I have found. As you just read in the list I just went over, there is a lot of uncertainty and lack of proof when it comes to such talk.

And there are plenty of studies out there showing that people can safely take quite a hefty load over an extended period of time without any problems.

I mentioned a couple studies earlier on about people taking such supplements for two and three months with no problems, but there also others out there that show a much higher consumption being safe as well.

  1. A study of 61 volunteers took royal jelly for 6 months. The volunteers ranged anywhere from 42 to 83 years old and took 3000 mg of RJ per day or a placebo for six months… Besides it showing awesome benefits like an increase in red blood cell production, glucose tolerance and mental health increase, there were no side effects mentioned.
  2. Another study performed on 49 overweight people had a similar outcome. Although this study was to test RJ's effect on cholesterol, which had a very positive outcome of lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol, the point is that these people took 10 g of RJ for 14 days with no side effects.

Lots of proven benefits..

While a lot of the claimed benefits that royal jelly has are still unproven, or just lack enough scientific backing, there are a number of benefits that have been fairly well proven, some of which include…

  • Can be used as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral
  • Increases red blood cell count
  • Can lower blood sugar
  • Cholesterol balancing
  • Increasing cognition
  • And more

Can you take too much?

Because it is a rather new "superfood" that is still widely understudied, there isn't any real good suggested dosage that scientists have agreed on unanimously.

That said, it doesn't seem to be any danger in consuming a lot of the stuff. I already mentioned quite a few studies where people were taking it at a decent dosage for an extended period of time, and according to according to examine.com it has even been safely consumed at as much as 6 g per day.

My best advice would be to simply follow the recommended daily amount on whatever supplement you are taking, assuming of course that he supplement you are taking is trustworthy.

I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Comments or questions? Please leave them down below in the comment section…

Royal Jelly Benefits Men

10 Manly Ways Royal Jelly Benefits Men

Royal jelly benefits men in many ways. It may not seem like a very manly substance, but this strange natural edible is incredibly healthy and has some benefits that any man should see the value in.

In the short post I'll be going over 10 of the manly ways in which it can be of benefit to you. And by the way, I'll be referring to it occasionally as RJ throughout this post… So just know that I'm talking about Royal jelly here.

But anyways, before I get into the incredible benefits that RJ beholds for even the manliest of men, we first need to discuss what the heck this stuff is in the first place.

It is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world as a "superfood", but a lot of people don't really know what it is and where it comes from.

What The Heck Is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is actually a secretion that comes from honey bees… Specifically from the worker bees that are out there busting their humps all day and night to keep the hive together and things rolling smoothly.

You may have never seen it before because supplements of RJ are often sold in capsule form, but it is a very viscous white liquid.

It's composition will vary depending on the bees and many other factors, such as the particular environment that the bees are living in, but generally speaking according to WebMD you can expect royal jelly to be about…

  • 60-70% water
  • 12-15% protein
  • 10-16% sugar
  • 3-6% fats
  • 2-3% vitamins, salts and amino acids

This incredibly nutritious secretion is more than just a food that humans eat. I mean just think about it… Why would these bees be making food for humans?

The truth of the matter is that this substance is a very important source of nutrition for the queen bees and is actually the reason the queen bees become so large, healthy, and live so long.

Fun Fact: The larvas of Queen bees and other worker bees are actually no different. It is the consumption of this royal jelly that separates the queen bee from the rest.

RJ it's fed to baby larvae for the first several days and is comparable to colostrum that human babies get from their mothers after birth, which is also jammed packed with nutrients.

Now you may still be thinking that this doesn't sound very manly… After all, it is a queen bee that this food is intended for. What can it do for you... A man?

The truth is a lot. There are plenty of scientific studies on this stuff and it is really increasing in popularity in the Western world, although it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

But anyways, enough about what it is… Here are the 10 very manly benefits that royal jelly has for you…

10 Manly Benefits

#1 - A Natural Testosterone Booster

When you think of the most manly thing possible, you probably think of testosterone. Both men and women have this hormone, but men have significantly higher levels... About 20 times more production than women.

You may have also heard of it when it comes to steroids… Because testosterone is a anabolic steroid. However, we are talking about injecting steroids here… We are talking about increasing testosterone naturally.

It isn't much of a wonder that it helps increase testosterone. After all, it has been found to aid in the development of the Queen bee's gonads.

As far as actually increasing testosterone goes, it has been shown to increase serum levels in male rabbits as well as in hamster testis.

The reason is thought to increase testosterone is because research suggests that it gives sex hormones, such as DHEA-S, a boost… And thus your testosterone levels get a boost.

#2 - Helps Fractured Bones Heal

Helping heal fractured bones is also a big deal.

After a long day of splitting wood, swinging sledgehammers, dodging battle axes and doing whatever it is that you do… There might be times where you have had hairline fractures or even full-blown broken bones. And I don't think anyone wants these.

Well… The good news is that the short and long term effects that RJ has on bone formation (healing) our positive, according to this test done on rats

In this particular study it was shown that new bone formation was higher for those who ingested RJ compared to the control group which did not.

And in addition to aiding in the bone healing process, it is also good for healing wounds in general. Researchers have decided that much of the wound healing ability that RJ possesses comes from a protein it contains called defensin-1. This protein has been found to be extremely effective at speeding up the healing process.

It might be nothing more than a minor flesh wound, but having no wound at all is always better.

#3 - Good For Sleep

Everyone needs sleep, including men. Sleep is necessary for every single aspect of overall health. Whether you are looking to gain muscle, run faster, grew thicker hair, have more energy, etc.… Sleep is a key ingredient and without enough of it you will only be running on 4 cylinders when you could be running on 8.

Supplementing RJ can actually help to improve your sleep, or lack of.

In its contents you will find a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is found in your body's nervous system. Having a lack of this compound can result in memory problems, lack of sleep, and other problems dealing with the brain.

It it is also said to help relieve mental stress and anxiety, which are very common causes of not getting enough sleep.

#4 - Helps Keep Your Liver Healthy

Your liver is very important… Especially if you fancy alcoholic beverages. Having an unhealthy liver is no condition you want to be in when going to a tailgating party before Sunday's big game.

The liver filters all the bad stuff that you eat or drink, and with all of the newfound pollutants increasing on a global scale, liver health is something you need to look out for.

Signed tests that tested the liver helping abilities of RJ on mice found that after just seven days of feeding RJ to them, they showed improvement in liver protection. In the study the mice had their livers damaged by administration of a toxin before being fed the RJ.

#5 - Is Good for Your Sperm

Sperm health is something that every man is going to think about one day. If you are still young, then you probably have not thought about it yet… But you will get there.

Unhealthy sperm is something that no man wants and royal jelly can actually help with this, as well as helping with fertility in women.

It it is no surprise because it is filled with many good nutrients that support a healthy hormonal balance, which can greatly impact your sperm health.

I was able to find multiple studies showing that royal jelly is effective for such health, both performed on animals and on humans.

The first study worth mentioning involved mice getting a oral dose of RJ for 30 days, which proved to increase sperm count, sperm motility, as well as mature and undamaged sperm. This is likely due to the antioxidant nature of this substance since it is well known that oxidative stress can have a big impact on sperm.

In a human study mentioned on examine.com, royal jelly was shown to produce no significant benefits when it comes to sperm count… HOWEVER, it did prove to increase sperm motility.

So while there may be some conflict thing results as far as what exactly RJ can do for your sperm health, both studies agree that it can help in one way or another.

#6 - Boosts Metabolism

Royal jelly can also help boost your metabolism, which is all around good for everything. A better and more efficient metabolism helps to get more things done. So that maybe, just maybe you will have the newfound energy to build that new tool shed or lay that new patio that you have been putting off for months or maybe even years.

RJ has all eight essential amino acids. This is important because the "essential" amino acids are amino acids that your body cannot synthesize on its own, meaning that they need to be obtained through diet. Having enough of these amino acids can help you build more muscle, lose more weight, and just keep your body running more smoothly.

Protein supplements are being marketed more commonly than ever towards people with the goal of losing excess pounds. This is because of the amino acids that they contain and how they are proven to assist in the weight loss process.

A boost in the metabolism helps to increase your body's natural fat burning capabilities. And hopefully this can give you a better and more sustained flow of energy and in turn will help you lose excess fat, if you have any.

Royal jelly has actually been a traditional Chinese medicine taken for various things, including weight loss, for years (as mentioned in the beginning) but it is just now starting to really catch on more in the Western world.

#7 - Good Against Inflammation

Inflammation can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. Information is your body's natural response to stress, but too much of it is when it gets bad.

There are in increasing number of studies suggesting that inflammation plays a bigger role than most people once thought when it comes to all sorts of diseases, ailments, and conditions.

It is present everywhere… In everything from cancer, to arthritis, to asthma, to your common flu and its unwanted presence can help prolong negative health and works. It has been shown that getting rid of excessive inflammation can slow cancer cell development, help wounds heal faster, and more.

Royal jelly happens to have many enzymes, vitamins and flavonoids that can help with the problem of inflammation.

According to this scientific study, it is thought that the anti-inflammatory effects of royal jelly come from its anti-radical and antioxidant effects, although there could be many reasons for these inflammation fighting properties.

Flavonoids are something that are well known for fighting off inflammation. What are they? They are natural pigments that are part of what make fruits and veggies so good for you and they suppress certain pro-inflammatory mediators by blocking their synthesis.

One source I came across suggested that you should apply royal jelly topically because too much heat will destroy some of the vitamins and active enzymes that are potent anti-inflammatories, but I don't know how big of a difference it would actually make. I'm guessing that ingesting RJ, as you would with most supplements, will do the trick to some extent.

#8 - Weight Loss

Weight loss is another benefit to be had. I already mentioned that it can speed up the metabolism which can in turn help you lose weight, but what I didn't talk about is how it contains relatively high amounts of lecithin, as does other bee products like Manuka honey.

Why is this important? Well… Because lecithin helps your body break down into get rid of fat, or at least that is the theory. It is known to help break down fat and water but there is a lack of evidence that actually breaks down fat in your body. That said, a lot of people swear that it does help having taken supplements with it for themselves.

Lecithin is something you may or may not have heard of before, and maybe have even heard of it being used for completely different reasons, such as for treating arthritis, memory problems and so on. It is an essential nutrient that our bodies don't make enough of in that you need to get by the foods you eat.

And the side effects are pretty much all good. It is also shown to help lower bad cholesterol (LDL). What it does is keeps cholesterol from building up along the artery walls.

Something else that I found quite interesting is that it has been shown in studies to reduce white adipose tissue in mice while not reducing the amount of brown adipose tissue. In other words, it reduces the amount of what is commonly called "bad fat" while leaving the amount of what is commonly called "good fat" alone.

#9 - A Natural Anti-Viral

As a man or any living being for that matter, the last thing you want is a viral infection, which can seriously weaken your immune system and overall health and occasionally lead to unwanted breakouts depending on what type of infection you have.

One interesting study I came across that tested royal jelly's antiviral ability against herpes simplex type 1 virus (HSV-1) compared to the popular drug acyclovir, showed that RJ is a good and healthy alternative to the antiviral medication acyclovir.

The findings of the study showed that RJ decreased the viral load from 70,795 to 30 and acyclovir went the whole way to 0. So while acyclovir was found to be more effective, RJ definitely showed some promising results in the fact that it is natural makes it a potential good alternative, especially for people who react badly to the acyclovir medication.

The potent antioxidant profile that royal jelly has is likely responsible for much of the antiviral component that it brings to the table. Antioxidants obtained from food help to strengthen the immune system. One of the reasons that malnourished individuals are more susceptible to viruses and other infections is because of a lack of antioxidant intake.

#10 - Makes You Smarter

And last but definitely not least, coming in at number 10, is that royal jelly can potentially make you smarter, as can a personal favorite of mine.. Turmeric Curcumin.

You don't have to be smart to swing an axe or through hamburgers on the grill, but you do have to be smart to crunch numbers and run a successful business… Which is equally as manly.

I mentioned that RJ contains the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is known to promote brain health and other things, which is one of the reasons why supplementing this stuff can help improve focus, memory, and more.

In one double-blind placebo study, a large group of healthy people took royal jelly for a total of six months. The result at the end… Tons of benefits… One of which being improved mental health.

In another study it was shown that taking RJ orally can significantly increase the number of a certain type of cell that functions in the cognitive processes. These cells can be damaged or die for a number of reasons in the result is an impaired mind. Increased regeneration of the cells = a smarter you.

Should This Be Part of Your Feast?

Royal jelly without a doubt has tons of health benefits that are good for everyone, including man. These health benefits are becoming more and more widely known thanks to the increasing research being done by scientists… Which is slowly proving that many of the benefits said to be had by this secretion in Chinese medicine are actually true.

But should this be a part of your daily diet? Well… That is all up to you. Do you want to…

  • Have higher testosterone levels?
  • Have bones that heal ultrafast?
  • Sleep better?
  • Better your liver health and function?
  • Increase sperm health?
  • Boost your metabolism?
  • Flight information?
  • Lose excess weight?
  • Get smarter?

Well if you answered yes then maybe it is worth buying.

But it's far from being a "cure all". Sure, it will help with all of these things, but don't expect this to be some magical substance that is all of a sudden going to make you a superhero.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed this short post and found it informative. Please leave any questions or comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂