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Is Fungus Hack a Scam? – What You Should Know

Fungus Hacks Review

Fungus Hack claims to be pretty much a cure all for toenail fungus. But is this product really as amazing as people say it is? Will it really be able to stop toenail fungus in its tracks and heal your toenails back to their youthful condition within less than a week? Or is Fungus Hacks a scam that doesn’t work and is just going to be a waste of your money?

I have been seeing a lot of promotions for this product online so I finally decided to check it out and give an honest review of it. I know there are a lot of people questioning whether or not it is a scam because it seems too good to be true. I am right there with these people… I am also somewhat skeptical that this product actually works as good as they say.

Fungus Hack Review

Since you are reading my review here I am guessing that you are probably also suspicious of how good this product actually is. You probably watched the video presentation that is pictured above and are thinking that things sounds too good to be true.

The guy in the video presentation is 61-year-old Brett Johnson. He claims to be a survivor of a nasty case of toe fungus which nearly cost him his leg and liver. The fungus got so bad that it infected his home and even his wife’s face. He claims that he tried everything to get rid of it and even ended up taking doctor prescribed anti-fungus pills that took quite a toll on his body and sent him into the hospital. It was in the hospital that he found out that these pills caused him liver damage and that they could have potentially killed him.

Brett puts on quite a show. I’m not sure I believe everything that he says, but I will take him at his word because I have no proof otherwise.

What Exactly Is Fungus Hack?

Fungus Hacks is a product created by Nutrition Hacks that is designed to cure toe fungus.

Some of the said benefits to using Fungus Hack over other fungus treatments out there include the fact that it is made of completely natural ingredients, can potentially work within a few days, won’t damage your kidney or liver like some harsh medications can, requires no trips to the doctor, no pain, no prescriptions, no medical procedures, and is cheaper than some other popular medications on the market.

They also tell you that it will benefit your health in other ways besides just eliminating toe fungus. It supposedly is full of natural antibiotics that will boost your immune system, accelerate healing, improve digestion and more.

How It Works

This supplement is to be taken orally twice per day. It is very easy to take and anyone should be able to do it with a simple glass of water. This is nice to see because cream treatments and other topical remedies can be a problem since you actually have to rub the medication directly onto the infected skin.

They tell you that it works in three simple steps…

3 Steps:

  1. Targets infected area
  2. Breaks down fungus cell wall
  3. Natural antibiotics attack fungus at its root

The way they tell you that it works is very vague. They just tell you that it targets the infection, breaks down the fungus, and attacks it at its root. However, they do not tell you how exactly it does this. So this leaves me wondering.

At one point in the video presentation Brett tells you that the source of toenail fungus is actually a parasite, called a dermatophyte, and that Fungus Hack the taxing destroys this parasite, but again… There is just not much of an explanation at all here.

Fungus Hack’s Ingredients

Unfortunately I cannot find any information on the actual ingredients inside. I have read and numerous other reviews and have came up short on every one. It seems that most of the reviews out there are just trying to promote the product and make money instead of giving an honest opinion of it.

Not even on the bottles of Fungus Hack does it say the ingredients that are inside it. Instead it says that the bottle contains a “proprietary blend” of natural ingredients. So there is literally no way of finding out what the heck is in these bottles other than taking them to a lab to be tested, or possibly getting your hand on some inside information from the company making them.


Now I am not saying that this is necessarily something bad. There are many times when companies market legitimate products and list their ingredients as proprietary blends instead of actually listing each individual ingredient. The case could be that Nutrition Hacks just does not want competitors to find out their secret ingredient blend and then copy them. But who knows… Your guess is as good as mine.

Any Side Effects?

They tell you that it is 100% natural and therefore it has no side effects. However, just because something is natural does not mean that it won’t have any side effects. This is a common misconception. There are many natural ingredients that can be harmful.

Apparently the ingredients that this product contains are what your body naturally uses to fight against fungus. So from what I understand it basically gives your body an increased supply of fungus fighting ammunition.

Is It Worth The Price?

You can buy one bottle for $69, three bottles for $59 a piece, or six bottles for $49 a piece. So if you go for the three bottle or six bottle deal you will be paying less than two dollars a day, which would be great assuming that it does work.

However I am still very skeptical. They tell you that this product can work in just a few days so what would be the point of ordering more than one bottle? They tell you that it eliminates toe fungus and since one bottle will last a month then this should be plenty… Shouldn’t it be?

Final Thoughts – Scam?

I am definitely not going to call this a scam, but I am still hesitant to believe everything that is said. There are many more questions that need to be answered about this product which I have been unable to find answers to and there is much information that just doesn’t seem to add up.

It would be different if this product were sold in stores and could be easily returned if it did not work, but it isn’t. It is only sold online and they do offer a 180 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, but you know how these “guarantees” tend to go.

I’m not a big fan of this supplement and I there is no doubt that the claims are over-exaggerated, but if you do want to purchase Fungus Hack you can do so on the official website here.

If you have tried out this product and have your own review I would appreciate it, and I’m sure other readers what to do, if you left it below in the comment section. Also leave any comments, questions, or concerns and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can :-).

About the Author Kyle

Kyle is an avid health enthusiast that believes in nature as a cure-all. When he's not drinking spirulina smoothies or dealing with the horrible aftertaste of stevia, he is probably working out, researching healthy herbs, or dealing with hand cramps he gets from writing articles like this.

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Annelle Bauer says July 2, 2018

I have fugus on both of my big toes ad my pikie finger ( I used my pinkie finger to get something from under my big toe ).
I have been searching for a cure for my toenail fugus , but this.sounds too good to be true. If anyone has used FUNGUS HACK and it cured your toenail fugus ,please let all of the people out there know about it, then we would know it really works .
Put it on the internet so that everyone will see it !

    Kyle says July 3, 2018

    It is too good to be true. While it will work to some extent, it isn’t going to produce miracles.

Leslie says July 10, 2018

I am always skeptical of products like this: the sales pitch does not include thorough discussion of the ingredients, there are are promises of “miracle” cures “within days”. I’m from the advertising industry so am very leery. My nail fungal problem responded to prescription treatment, but it came back, and yes, retreating is risky as it can be toxic to the liver. “Natural” remedies are worth investigating but you are correct, “natural” does not mean there are no harmful side effects. It’s a buzzword to sell products. BTW there is another product like Fungus Hack marketed on another site—-“Urgent Fungus Destroyer”—- which looks the same.

Stella says July 19, 2018

The ONLY treatment that works for nail fungus – whether on hands or/and feet – is LASER. It can be costly depending on the extent of the fungus but it’s guaranteed to work. It takes months to see the final result because toenails grow very slowly. Also, in order to help with the treatment and avoid a downfall, it’s wise to soak the nails in white vinegar a few times a week. In order to sanitize a nail file or nail cutting tool, white vinegar is the only thing that works – even isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are useless for fungus.

Dr Sarah Carson says July 22, 2018

What a scam, I have been trying to kill fungus in my toe nails that just keep falling off for years and believe me I have used everything and it keeps coming back. If you do not stop feeding the fungus by stopping all sugars and carbs it comes back with a vengeance and can spread . The fungus cannot survive without sugar and carbs. I had to go to a special clinic in England and had several Iv’s with many different strong anti fungals to kill it in my blood. These anti fungals can shut down your kidneys and one the first day they gave me only 3grams of anti fungals then had to wait for 4 hours to see if I had a bad reaction. Read about Dr Denning Aspergillus specialist in UK, seemingly 66% of people die through damage to the kidneys after the IV anti fungal’s. It can only be done in a hospital where you are carefully monitered. I had red ichy patches on top of my head and the base of my feet and had red scaly patches on my forehead and cheeks. When it spreads to the blood then its hell to get rid of unless you stop feeding it and stop everything with sugar and yeast, . I can never eat anything with sugar or yeast for the rest of my life or it will come back. There’s no way you will kill this fungus with a few herbal pills or topical creams as it will just come back. It is highly infectious from walking barefoot on your carpet and someone else walks on it the will contact it. In the shower wear flip flops or you will spead it to your shower on bath. Beds furnishings everything. Wear socks all the time and use 3 times a day oregano oil but you will have to see a fungal specialist to start serious anti fungal treatment for even up to several years to get rid of it.

Jerry Banks says July 31, 2018

I’m 63yo and have had this foot fungus for years and have finally decided to be more proactive in eliminating this problem. I have been soaking my feet each night in very warm water with a tablespoon of bleach for about 1/2 an hour. with just 2 months I have seen noticeable improvement. They seem to be slowly clearing up. I trip to keep the nails as short as possible to allow the bleach water to get as far under the nail as possible.

I will continue with this regimen, and why not, the cost is only pennies, very warm water and a $4.00 container of bleach……you can’t beat that in terms of cost. Patience is the key from what I have read about this cure. It just may take up to a year and that’s okay, I can afford it and clean feet are always welcome.

I apply a little Tea Tree Oil to them some mornings also as a supplement in hopes of speeding up the process…..can’t hurt.

I will report back at the beginning of November and share my progress.

    Tanya says August 15, 2018

    I have been teating my thumb with tea tree oil and bleach on a cotton ball and will switch off and on to get the best out of it that I can and seem to have good results with that. I have a friend who started applying acetone to her toe nail and she has had decent results. I am skeptical of the fungus hack product and wouldn’t want to put anything into my body that I didn’t know the full list of ingredients. I will stick with what I know for now and deal with the fact that it’s something I have to take care of for the rest of my life.

    KENNETH E ROGERS says October 1, 2018

    Hope it is working for you. Let me know. Thanks

Mindy says August 16, 2018

So, I’m curious. Has anybody used Fungus Hack, and does it work???

Lucy Cook says September 2, 2018

I am skeptical about the product Fungus Hack, because every time I’m online I am running into these types of advertisement that claims to solve or prevent some type of health issues. I am not sure I want to waste my money on this one. I have too much stuff I have already order for other reason and it really didn’t work. I will pass on this product, because I am starting to look like a pharmacy and I need to get rid of some of the products I have order. All of the sales ads start out the same with some video of a person claiming to have a problem that you might have, and they have the solution. I have had my fill and no more!

Mark I Blundell says September 27, 2018

I was recomended this product by my naturopath. So I ordered it without question.
Then I see the questionmarks raised over this product.
I am pleased to say after using a months supply of pills. ( one bottle) my toenail has finally come back to something resembling normality.
I had previously tried everything. And have been suffering with this problem for 20 years.
Whether this improved condition holds. I can only tell over a matter of time.
In conclusion. SO FAR, SO GOOD.

    Kyle says October 2, 2018

    I am hesitant to believe your story.

sheila says October 29, 2018

I definitely have been dealing with something that sounds like what this man and his wife went through and my brother got sick like me for nearly two years now a horrific battle he was to retire early rich he is losing everything he lost his job wont talk to people i too hide out and lost mostly people because people just think see a Dr you are healed. Once a parasite is involved no one wants in on this.but I’m buying this product on the 1st I will let you know. And I have so much gathered evidence but don’t know who to turn to for help with fear of nonbelief it’s a touchy subject people DO NOT want to talk about. Impossible to imagine unless you go through it. Trust me I tell no lies. Things like this are not suppose to happen. I have photos of fungus and parasites I’ve battled and yes this fungus is gold to critters i have a video where two were going to fight right after falling out of my scalp its insane. I could show you Thanks for caring about things like this.Sheila

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