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Is Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol a Scam? – Yes It Is In My Opinion

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Scam

Tinnitus is a nasty problem that involves nonstop ringing in the ears, making some people’s lives miserable. Luckily…Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol claims to be able to cure this problem once and for all with an all natural solution that can be whipped up from products at your local grocery store. But is this really as good as it sounds? Is it really going to cure your tinnitus or is Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol a scam that is just going to be a waste of your money and time?

According to MayoClinic, tinnitus affects one out of every five people, but of course most people probably don’t have severe cases. It is a very widespread problem that many people just end up living with because they can’t seem to find anything that works.

It would be great and all if Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol would actually cure tinnitus as easily as it is claimed to, but unfortunately I do not see this happening. In this review I’ll be going over what they tell you vs the truth, discussing the “miracle ingredients” that are in this protocol, and telling you what you really need to know… Which of course is not what you are told.

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review

The Story Behind It All

If you go to the official website of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol you are greeted with a video put on from a guy named Todd Carson. Apparently Todd’s wife “Jo” had a severe case of tinnitus and Todd then went on a mission to find a cure because he could not stand to see her suffer. What a great husband… If this is true that is.

He claims that the real secret has been “hidden from view” because of the corrupt corporate machine that rules over the health industry, who’s mission is to profit from people as much as possible, sucking them dry of every last penny. This is the typical story I usually hear when it comes to health products like this. You are basically told that the health industry is the devil and they don’t care about your health… All they try to do is keep you sick so that you keep paying them. He tells you that the big health companies profit from selling people bogus treatments that they know do not work.

But what he doesn’t tell you, and what I am going to show you, is that he is the one lying here and trying to suck every last penny out of people looking for treatment… people like you.

But anyways… He claims that tinnitus is all about this “special type of nerve fat” and that he found the secret on some remote Japanese island that can cure your tinnitus in a month’s time.

As you are probably well aware, much of this story that he tells you is complete BS. Below I will go over some of the lies that you are told so that you can see for yourself. And I’m assuming that you made it through the entire video presentation, which was over an hour long… Yes it was very exhausting for me to watch.

Why So Many Lies?

Where to start… so many lies.

I’ll start out with the people that Todd claims have been cured from tinnitus after trying out the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol…

One guy, named Justin Tims, was supposedly a college student that developed tinnitus after a fire alarm went off in his hotel room. After that fateful day he could no longer concentrate and study. He had dreams of becoming a planetary scientist but could not focus enough to make this a reality. Of course he then tried out the protocol and his tinnitus was cured within a month.

HOWEVER… As you can see below the picture for “Justin Tims” is completely fake. It is a stock photo that was purchased online. Anyone can buy these photos and use them as they wish… I performed a reverse Google image search in order to find this out.

Next up was a single mother named Rosario. The picture he showed of her is also a fake. Yet again… Another stock photo that the people behind this video presentation purchased. This woman’s name is not “Rosario” and she did not ever try out Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol and was never cured. It is all a lie…

Is Todd Carson Even Real?

I also want to bring up that this “Todd Carson” guy may very well be a fake also. I did some digging around and couldn’t find any verifiable information on him.

He could possibly be a paid actor and not really who he says he is. I have seen this type of thing many times before so it is nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not a far-fetched idea. Some other scammy products that I’ve reviewed that do this include The Fungus Destroyer and Fungus Key Pro, which are completely unrelated by the way.

If anyone has proof that Todd Carson really does exist I would love to hear it, but as for now I am very skeptical of the truth here.

The Whole Story About Kyoko Is Likely Fake

This entire protocol is supposedly based around three special ingredients that were originally formulated by a woman named Kyoko, who studied Tinnitis back during the battle of Okinawa. Kyoko came up with this formula to help shield her father from tinnitus during the battle, which many other soldiers developed and had problems with.

Why do I think that the whole story is made up and that Kyoko doesn’t exist? Well… Because during the video presentation Kyoko is first referred to as a woman and then later on is referred to as a man. If Todd Carson really had traveled all the way to some remote village off the coast of Japan and met up with Kyoko… He would not forget whether this person is a he or she. This is just another common characteristic of a scam… Getting the story twisted and messed up so that things don’t make sense.

What Exactly Is Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?

So Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is just a digital product that basically gives you a protocol of smoothie recipes to follow, all of which contain the “tinnitus silencing ingredients” that were found by Kyoko, who of course probably doesn’t exist.

Because it is a digital product it can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

What Are These Miracle Ingredients?

Kyoko’s secret recipe consisted of a handful of foods, but according to Todd Carson there were three in particular that stood out to him and really have tinnitus treating properties. These three foods include…

  • Imo (purple kind-of sweet potato) – contains quercetin which is a phytonutrient and antioxidant
  • Kumbo (seaweed) – source of Cobalamin, which plays a rule in the production of myelin
  • Natto (consists of furmented soybeans) – contains lecithin which is a component of myelin

You are told that all of these ingredients help improve the myelin sheath, which Todd Carson says is the main culprit of tinnitus. He tells you that this myelin sheath protects the auditory nerve and when this becomes damaged or degenerates, this is when you develop tinnitus.

What Todd Carson has supposedly done is studied these ingredients that were in Kyoko’s recipe and found 12 very important nutrients, which he has since implemented into this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol.

I did quite a bit of research into this and found that what he is saying here is actually true, surprisingly. What is also true is that the ingredients listed above do actually do what he claims they do.I found that quercetin has been shown to aid in the regeneration of the mylelin sheath according to this study; cobalamin defficiency can lead to neurological disorders, and yes, lecithin is a component of myelin.

So the myelin sheath is very important when it comes to your hearing and if yours is damaged this could be the reason you have tinnitus, AND… The ingredients listed above are able to benefit myelin regeneration. So all sounds well… It sounds like this protocol might actually be worth the price.

But is it really? Well… Here’s what you need to know…

The Truth… What You Need To Know

Ok… So yes, damage to the myelin sheath has been found to cause tinnitus, or at least is strongly suggested to cause tinnitus. There are plenty of studies showing this in there are also studies showing that the ingredients mentioned above can help with myelin sheath regeneration.

One thing that is for sure, is that the medical industry is NOT trying to cover up this information. You can easily do a Google search and find plenty of information on the myelin sheath related to tinnitus. If they are trying to cover it up than they are doing an absolutely horrible job. The claim that the medical industry is trying to hide this so that they can keep sucking the money out of you is just a stupid baseless marketing tactic that has no truth.

But anyways, back to the ingredients in this protocol… They are nothing special and I’ll explain why.

The Ingredients Are NOTHING SPECIAL

He talks about how Quercetin (found in “imo”), Cobalamin (found in “kumbo”) and Lecithin (found in “natto”), or the three main ingredients that are going to help your body repair your myelin sheath and eliminate tinnitus. But what he doesn’t tell you is that all three of these ingredients are nothing special by any means and are found in many other foods, which you are probably already eating.

Quercetin is found in green leafy vegetables, broccoli, red onions, apples, grapes, and a variety of other foods. Cobalamin is found in meat, fish, eggs, milk and a few others. And lecithin is found in eggs, seafood, red meat, legumes and more.

Are you eating any of these foods mentioned? I bet you already are and guess what… You still have tinnitus unfortunately.

It is unfortunate, but for most people out there this protocol of smoothies that contain these special ingredients really aren’t going to do anything for them when it comes to their tinnitus.

Final Thoughts – Is It Worth The Cost?

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is a great example of another very over-hyped product that plays on people’s emotions. “Todd Carson” makes you think that the entire health industry is the bad guy and that of course his Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is the only solution to your tinnitus.

The marketing tactics used to promote this product disgust me. The video presentation is full of lies and deception.

Now ultimately it is your decision on whether or not to purchase this protocol, but I sure don’t recommend it. It does have health benefits and you might see some improvement. If you wish to purchase it you can click here to do so.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. If you did, please share it to spread the truth. Also, leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

About the Author Kyle

Kyle is an avid health enthusiast that believes in nature as a cure-all. When he's not drinking spirulina smoothies or dealing with the horrible aftertaste of stevia, he is probably working out, researching healthy herbs, or dealing with hand cramps he gets from writing articles like this.

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Nan says August 13, 2018

Thank you 😊

    Kyle says August 19, 2018

    No problem.

Mark Taylor says August 14, 2018

Thanks Kyle for getting the truth out!

    Kyle says August 19, 2018

    You’re welcome. Share the post to help spread the word.

Susan says August 17, 2018

This has been extremely helpful to me. This morning I was perusing the News app on my smartphone when somehow I was directed to this ear ringing information. Since I suffer without ringing buzzing sound, I was completely interested and watched the entire video. I had my debit card out ready, and then I realized that there was no product. It was simply an online download. I started thinking about some of the things said, and I realized at that moment that it might be a scam. It seems so real and believable, and gave me hope. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. This is really answered my questions.

    Kyle says August 19, 2018

    Glad to help Susan. At least you didn’t end up falling for it!

    Please share to help spread the word.

Darren says August 19, 2018

This news is sad as as well as good.. Sad because I was hoping it was real to help my 10 year tinnitus suffering and good that I did not waste MORE money on BS tinnitus cures.. Thxz 8=(

    Kyle says August 19, 2018

    It is unfortunate. Hopefully you can find something that does works as it states.

Gérard A. ABADJIAN says August 21, 2018

We never saw Jo or heard her testimony. She was supposed to be the trigger for Todd’s quest for her tinnitus solution….

    Kyle says August 23, 2018

    Ya, most likely another made up character.

Jeanne says August 21, 2018

I was casually looking, I have mild Tinnitus, but the Myelan Sheath is also what is involved in MS, which my son has, which is why I put up with the whole presentation.
Glad to see someone point out the phony “big pharma is greedy” crap. I might pass along the vitamins to my son.

Jenny says August 24, 2018

One of my family suffers from Tinnitus, so I clicked and skimmed the ad (it gave me everything in text after I refreshed the page).
And I realized that it is almost exactly the same as another ad I saw a few weeks ago, claiming that there is a way to cure nearsightedness, but that ‘the eye doctors don’t want you to know because they want you to keep buying glasses, so the industry is trying to cover it up/keep it quiet’. It also talked about finding certain special vitamins/ingredients, had the exact same overall style of presentation, and was also selling smoothies.

I think both are scams and made by the same people.

Both have the strategy of targeting a condition which troubles people enough in daily life that they are willing to take the risk on a sketchy product, and give false hope of a cure or improvement.

I have pretty bad nearsightedness, it has been slowly getting worse since I was a child, and if it continues at this rate, I’ll count as legally blind in just a few years. So having the hope of good vision dangled in front of me as a scam tactic makes me pretty upset. Same with the hope of relieving the tinnitus of my family member.

If you have not already, please review the related eyesight scam, and warn people not to fall victim to these people trying to prey on people using false hope.

    Kyle says August 25, 2018

    Hi Jenny. Do you remember what the name of the related scam might be?

Anie says August 25, 2018

Great points and very true, there is not real secret that a natural high quality lifestyle as God intended helps us all and in the best way possible. We have to remember that our body, mind and soul are connected and it all matters.

Shaz says August 26, 2018

I thought it was too good to be true.
If its such a wonder cure why would the health authorities go against it.
Thank you for your frank options on this

    Kyle says August 27, 2018

    Glad to help.

Julia Hansen says August 29, 2018

Thank you. I knew this was a scam, but all the “reviews” I could find were really just veiled advertising. Yours was the only actual legitimate article. Good job. Thank you for looking out!

    Kyle says August 29, 2018

    Ya… lots of fake reviews out there. Thanks for the compliment!

BARRY LOK says August 30, 2018

Saw the comment from Jenny and you asked for the name. I was going to ask you if you saw Outback Vision Protocol before I saw Jenny’s comment. The two stories are so much alike. Appreciate your checking it out and post it to my email. Much thanks.

    Kyle says August 30, 2018

    Hi Barry. Yes I have actually reviewed Outback Vision Protocol. You can read it here if you want to. These two products are sold by the same company and tell the same fake lies.

Stan says September 9, 2018

Thanks Kyle for your review. I have tinnitus so I was interested when I came across this youtube video. When ever I see some presentation like this that goes on and fucking on, I see it is a scam.

Rick says September 10, 2018

Wanted to post to say well done to Kyle for uncovering this and other scams, its sad people take advantage, but people like you help equalize the bad, thanks.

Its 100% fake and the same people have carried out other similar scams before. There’s a thread on tinnitus talk forum discussing this and others.


For anyone suffering from T, mine has definately improved after habituation, possibly through eating cleaner and avoiding emf frequencies, though i cant say for sure. Lots of research is going into Tinnitus, a cure/effective treatment will make someone rich someday, stay strong!

Thanks again Kyle.

Jannicke says September 10, 2018

If something sounds to good to be true it usually is exactly that. Miracle cures working within a month for a lifetime problem sounds to good to be true. A bit Google search and I saved my money. They should be fined for scamming people.
Thank you 😊

Julie says September 12, 2018

I would like to add that this program for curing tendinitis in 21 days is working for me so I believe it is not a scam. I appreciate Todd Carsons research and work
thank you

    Kyle says September 19, 2018


Victor De Alba says September 13, 2018

Kyle. So whats the secrets of this guy if we buy and we can have a 60 days full refund? Wheres the business?

    Kyle says September 19, 2018

    The secret is that it is darn hard to get that 60 day refund. The place that you are purchasing this through, I believe, is an Indian company. I’ve heard of some people getting their money back but others have had difficulty and couldn’t.

Edwin Wong says September 13, 2018

Hi Kyle .. Greetings from Singapore.

Thank you. I didn’t know this was a scam. the video presentation was really very convincing. Thank God I stumbled upon your posts when I started checking out on Google. Good job. Thank you for looking out and warning people like us looking out for “cure” in desperate moments..

Best regards
Edwin W.

Mich R says September 13, 2018

hi….yes I read this twice over, as have suffered with this with no help from GP as yet, saw this and thought I might buy this product, but then thought it was a bit OTT esp as there was no reviews, and the whole thing depressed me to be honest and made me feel worse and that got me thinking that is how they want you to feel ,,,desperate……so I have decided not to buy this product and will pursue more positive avenues to get my awful tinnitus sorted, its the bane of my life, but even worse to buy something believing it will cure it….

Ronald Silva says September 16, 2018

Thanks Kyle, I was getting my hopes up but after finding your article i was glad i did my research and read your article.. Thanks for saving my money..

Ines says September 16, 2018

Hey Kyle, thanks a lot for your honest review. I was also sceptical when I saw the holograms and sci fy shit he used in the video and was thinking on googling the pictures of the people myself. Im very glad you already did with all the additional research too. Its really sharp. As i listened I was constantly reminded of the ridiculous amount of manipulation techniques he used, its crazy. Its kinda the same thing matthew hussey uses into buying his dating coach shit, i wonder where they learn these techniques, at the army or something? Anyway thanks!

    Kyle says September 18, 2018

    Hi Ines. Ya… a lot of online marketers use scammy marketing techniques like this these days, unfortunately. I’m glad you enjoyed the review though.

    Be sure to share this post to help spread the truth if you can.

Jackie Whitlock says September 16, 2018

Thanks for the truth! Was so excited at first thinking maybe it would help my brother. I really appreciate your advice in helping me not to waste my precious little money I get from social security!

James D. Maclsaac Sr. says September 19, 2018

Kyle: Do you know of any recent medications or foodstuffs that can mask or eliminate my hissing sound Tinnitus, which I have experienced in both of my ears the past 35 years. I notice that when I stop having a glass of wine at dinner, it subsides just a little bit. I also take a daily Lexapro [Seratonin Uptake Inhibitor] for the past 35 years which may contribute to my problem. I will be seeking a Doctor to treat me again soon.

Greg says September 20, 2018

Thanks, Kyle, All the way it had scam screaming out to me, though if he had been selling the actual drink I more than likely would have given it a go. As Judge Judy says dumb is forever. 🙂 For what it is worth I have been using the Signia Silk Nx ( expensive) it’s given me some tinnitus free times. For me it was worth it

Stephen Alexander says September 21, 2018

My son is 50, and has Meniere’s disease. I was seriously looking for help for him, and for myself – I have military related tinnitus. My family is Korean, so we are familiar with all the ingredients, and already consume many of them, but I will start consuming more of the key ingredients. Thank you for your review.

Marziyeh says September 21, 2018

Dear Kyle, I am suffering from Tonaki Tinnitus. After watching his video, I was really hopefule that the Protocol will help me get rid of these nonstop buzzings. Last night I was looking for reviews of those who had gotten along with the protocole smoothies, I read your review.
You know I am from a developing country where even 37 dollars is so expensive to pay. So I was deciding to ask that man to give me the smoothies recepies without asking me the money…
I was looking for his email to ask him help me for the sake of God and no money.
Now dear Kyle, I have two questions
first, do you know any natural remedy for tonaki tinnitus?
second, can you share those smothies that was claimed to cure tonaki tinnitus here? In this way no more people will pay for it and they can also try if they work or not.
Thank you so much

    Kyle says September 25, 2018


    Unfortunately I don’t know of any good natural remedy. There is are a lot of remedies out there but I’m really not all that sure what is best and if anything works all that well.

Barbara says September 21, 2018

Thanks Kyle
I have suffered from severe Tinnitus for 20 yrs.
PEAKED my interest at “myelination” (FYI moment for me)
He almost had my $$. Lost me at “I dont know how long I can keep this website up”
Started looking for reviews ….they are all from July. Smh
Where are the reviews from 50k people?
Once again THANK YOU. People like me on a fixed income need to be cautious.

Fred Bloggs says September 23, 2018

If this is a scam, and I’m sure it is, why doesn’t some public spirited person blow it apart by actually buying the ebook and posting it on social media for everyone’s benefit. That would soon shut them up and take away any profit they are making from exploiting other people’s misery.

    Kyle says September 25, 2018

    I’m pretty sure you can find the PDF for free. But the problem is promotion. Even if someone does expose it, there is no guarantee that it will go “viral” and the truth will spread. Its a problem of the truth getting drowned out by lies and misleading promotions… happens all the time unfortunately.

carla says September 23, 2018

Your article was extremely helpful, for that I say THANKS! I too, had my card out ready to buy because that guy was so f*@#ing believable. I mean, damn, even his voice would quaver when talking about “JO” who is very likely a goldfish. Luckily my bs meter went off and I found your article.
The ringing in my ears did appear suddenly, literally overnight but in the last year it has intensified. The thing about your article is that it points out the ingredients are actually helpful and you go on to explain what foods and how they benefit. I am a firm believer in treating the problem rather than the symptom. And the dumbass thing about my situation is that I am not eating those things. I have the mothering thing backwards. Take care of kids first and mom last. My son is a climber, and I make sure he gets what his body needs but not my own. Go figure. So off I go the grab these ingredients and will work to implement them in my own awful eating habits. (That my son pointed out to me the other day) He is literally throwing back at me all the things I say to him on a regular basis. I should have known he would eventually notice!!
Thanks Kyle
PS if you could throw out some recipes XD

Suhasini Ramalingam says September 23, 2018

Hi, this was most helpful. Yes, I eat all of the products that contain the above 3 ingredients. Still have tinnitus. Glad I saw your comments.

Could you please comment on AMP-K supplements as well. Thanks.

Catherine Schwartz says September 23, 2018

Hello Kyle, although I suspect this Todd Carson is a fraudulent front for another cure scam, you do yourself a great disservice in the grammatical errors in your post which leads me to believe you are not in a position to throw stones. You have no real proof to substantiate your claims. Other than to simply dislike these unforgivable scams is not enough. I appreciate what you have tried to do in saving many from falling into false hope. As a tinnitus sufferer I would give anything to find a real cure just for the peace of silence and intend on contacting Mr. “Carson” as his email states we can to tell him I think whoever is pretending to be him is obviously a joke and phony.

    Kyle says September 25, 2018

    Hi Catherine,

    How do my grammatical errors disqualify me from being able to call this a scam? This is obviously a scam. It is full of lies. I showed you the images that were shown in the presentation were completely fake. That was one piece of solid proof I had. True… much of it I couldn’t prove to be a lie, but I think most people will agree that it is.

    Gábor Bánóczi says February 11, 2019

    Hello Catherine Schwartz,

    First of all, it is unfortunate that you are also suffering from this condition. I wish that you find the relief that is right for you.

    Your comment amazes me.
    It seems you are unable to perceive the dozens and dozens of comments from people who felt so moved by Kyle’s apparently futile effort of saving them from falling for a likely scam that they actually took the effort to respond. If you knew just precious little percentage of people respond on sites, you would have phrased your sentence “I appreciate what you have tried to do in saving many from falling into false hope.” as “I appreciate what you have done in order to save many from falling into false hope.”

    About the need for proof:
    Kyle neither intended nor needed to prove that the suggested ingredients did not work.
    What he intended to do was to direct the reader’s attention to the marketing and manipulation techniques being used and the falsehoods that existed in and around the video presentation.
    In order to do that nobody needs to use grammatically correct language and Kyle was perfectly successful in accomplishing said intention as proven by the many comments written by thankful individuals, at times even using horribly bad grammar, as many are obviously not even native English speakers and in some cases elderly folks with growing difficulties. Losing money on this protocol is not going to be one of those difficulties anymore thanks to the work and diligence of Kyle.

    Throwing stones: I do not see in which manner did Kyle do this? Is lying or misleading people has the same weight in your eyes as making grammatical errors?
    I think not. To quote Rudolf Steiner, a great visionary, thinker and reformer: “In our times the main damage is done by people who tend towards untruth. This widespread tendency of people to falsehood is at the base of almost all the problems of our times.”
    One hundred years ago he stated that on December 3, 1919.
    It is a moral responsibility to shed light on falsehoods and untruths and to state the truth.
    Which, by the way, I think Kyle has done well, encouraging the reader to do their own research but also pointing out that some of the statements are corroborated by the medical research that exists.

    I do not think Kyle ever mentions whether he likes or dislikes the video presentation and all it entails about the Tonaki Protocol so I am not sure where you gather your thought that “to simply dislike these unforgivable scams is not enough”. You, on the other, do the judgmental word “unforgivable”.

    I needed to say all of this because I think it remains important to be vigilant in uncovering untruth, falsehood and lies and to declare what is true, right and beautiful in the world. And I think Kyle has done a good job of this.

      Kyle says February 17, 2019

      Thank you for the kind defense!

Cathy Schwartz says September 23, 2018

Actually, remember, it was quite funny, because there was a picture of “Jo” sitting huddled in a corner like a trapped animal….that’s when I knew the whole thing was a scam!

Mr C says September 25, 2018

In some countries this guy would be arrested and locked up these con men are excellent at conning people who are desperate,
Anybody reading I’ve had tinitus for 20+ years and the only thing that helps me are hearing aids ! my hearing loss is mild but they amplify the sound around me and it helps to mask the noise, works for me maybe not for you.

Jacqueline McClain says September 26, 2018

Anyone who participates in producing scam programs or websites like this should wake up with tinnitus…had it for 3 years now and it’s a life changer. Disappointed to know this is a scam but thank you for helping me see that it most definitely is.

Larry says September 26, 2018

I think it’s a little funny that these scammers don’t realize the rage experienced by sufferers of extreme tinnitus, suicide is common among these sufferers and i would think that at some point people might be so tired of the scammers that before they go they might make a list of folks profiting from their condition like this and start taking them with them when they go.

Peter says September 27, 2018

Where’s todds wife. He’s a ar_whle

Ruth Sandall says September 27, 2018

Thanks for revealing the truth behind yet another wild goose chase searching for an answer to tinnitus.

David says September 29, 2018

My ears ring 24/7. Funny coincidence, I was born on Okinawa at Uchitamari! I might have kept this in mind. instead I may add a supplement to my diet since it’s identified, but yeah, man, appreciate the head’s up.

Carl says September 30, 2018

Thank you for pointing a few of the things he said out. The cliche of big pharma hiding this information from the public is total BS. I like the quote, “If any type of alternative medicine is proven to work time after time, then it stops being alternative medicine.” So yes, we would have already heard of this “miracle cure”

Tony Miller says October 1, 2018

How on earth can somebody broadcast something that is believed to be BS when many poor folk, like me, are suffering with Tinnitus and it is beginning to make me wonder if carrying on living is worthwhile. Obviously I want to live with my wonderful Wife but with all that is available in the science world on Medicine there must be SOMETHING that they can invent to combat this horrible complaint. It really is hell, so PLEASE get the drug invention brains working and find out. There MUST be a concoction about to be delivered: no matter what the cost I’ll pay it, PLEASE!!!!

Geoff says October 1, 2018

Hi Kyle,

Thank you so much for taking the time and making to effort to investigate what appears to be a scam….thank you!
I nearly took money I couldn’t afford to get the product, but thought I had to do research first…..fortunately I found your site!!

Many thanks and keep up the good work!!

Kind regards,

South Africa

    Kyle says October 2, 2018

    No problem Geoff. Share this post to help spread the truth so that others don’t fall victim. Lets shut down these scams!