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moringa and constipation

Moringa and Constipation – Will It Benefit Your Situation?

The connection between moringa and constipation hasn’t been very well documented in science, but there does seem to be a connection. This super-food or miracle pant has been used for centuries to treat and even cure all sorts of problems, illnesses, and disease ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, inflammation, and yes… even constipation.

From what I have read it seems that the leaves have laxative properties. Many people drink moringa tea as a way to benefit from these properties. The good thing about all of this is that it is said to be a “mild” laxative. So its nothing you have to be very worried about. If you were to compare it to Senna as a treatment of constipation it would not be nearly as strong. It is strong enough to make a difference but weak enough to not bother most people who supplement it.

Why Moringa Works For Constipation

Well, I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but as I said, there really hasn’t been research on this. I have been unsuccessful at finding any study that looks into this even remotely.

However, I do know that both magnesium and fiber are great for aiding in proper digestion and I also know that moringa has quite a high amount of both. The magnesium that moringa provides isn’t good just for your blood pressure. They help things flow smoothly and without blockage. There is actually a study I came across here that shows how low magnesium and fiber intake in the diet leads to a higher prevalence of constipation.

Moringa just so happens to be packed full with both of these and has been shown to have 36 times the magnesium of eggs and 4 times the fiber that oats has, when in powder form. With every 2 gram serving you are looking to get about 10.75mg of magnesium and 1g of fiber.

Having Trouble Digesting Moringa?

Although moringa’s laxative properties are said to be mild, people with sensitive stomachs may still experience some discomfort when digestion rolls around.

Personally I wouldn’t worry about this too much, unless your stomach is very sensitive. Moringa digests pretty easily and most people don’t have problems.

If you do experience problems then the first thing you should look at is your dose. How much are you taking on a regular basis? Most moringa powder products out there call for 1-2g per serving, which should be easy to digest. So if you are consuming more than that you may want to dial it back a bit. And if you still have problems then you may want to consider taking it every other day and see how that works.

Should You Take Moringa for a Natural Constipation Treatment?

That really comes down to how bad your constipation is. As I’ve said, moringa is a mild laxative, so if the situation is very serious then you may want to look into something a little more powerful such as Senna based products. But if you have mild constipation then moringa just might be the perfect answer.

Even if you are not constipated and looking for treatment, moringa still would be beneficial to help keep things running well, among the hundreds of other benefits it has.

About the Author Kyle

Kyle is an avid health enthusiast that believes in nature as a cure-all. When he's not drinking spirulina smoothies or dealing with the horrible aftertaste of stevia, he is probably working out, researching healthy herbs, or dealing with hand cramps he gets from writing articles like this.

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Pankaj Biswas says April 6, 2018

I have taking 1 month of Moringa Leaf . My problem is No Constipation Clear, heavy Acidity Dibeties since 4 years . i am drink moringa leaf 1 teansful with hot water at bed time

Debbie says June 25, 2019

Moringa can also cause constipation, why don’t you say that? I’ve not actually heard from anyone’s mouth that moringa works. It certainly did not work for me, it tastes disgusting and is difficult to digest.

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