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Moringa for Asthma

Is Taking Moringa for Asthma Effective? – A Natural Treatment

Have you ever heard of taking moringa for asthma and wondered if it really works? Well the short answer is yes, it does. Moringa isn’t called a superfood for no reason. Its numerous benefits can even lead to significant improvements for asthma patients. And this is not just some baseless hype. It has actually been scientifically proven and I will go over this in a minute.

But first it is important to know a little bit about how asthma actually works. If you suffer from asthma and have for some time, there is a good chance you already know this, but I’ll go over it anyway.

Asthma is a condition when the air passage to the lungs is hypersensitive and becomes inflamed easily, usually due to pollen, cold air, smoke, etc. When the bronchi of the lungs becomes inflamed it restricts airflow and makes it difficult to breath. This is often accompanied by an overproduction of mucus which just makes it even more difficult to breath.

Moringa Is a Proven Treatment

There have been studies performed that directly test the ability of moringa to treat asthma.

One such study titled Antiasthmatic activity of Moringa… tested it out on a group of 20 patients that suffered from mild to moderate forms of asthma. In this study each patient was given 3g of moringa powder (made from the seed kernels) for 3 weeks of time. Their respiratory effectiveness as well as symptoms were examined before and after. The results were quite good. The symptoms as well as the severeness of the patients’ asthma attacks had reduced “significantly”. Their lung capabilities had also showed improvements such as an increased breathing strength and volume.

Why Moringa Works, a Natural Antihistimine

Histimine is a compound that released in the body’s cells when there is an injury, allergic reaction, or inflammation going on. Its purpose is to help out but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. It is a common cause of asthma because it makes the bronchi contract among other things that make it difficult to breath.

Moringa is what you call a natural antihistimine. This means that it actually helps reduce the amount of histimine that is released in the body and because of this it can improve asthma.

This particular study here shows moringa inhibiting histimine production to a great degree. It is said to be so good that it can be compared to the man-made drug ketotifen.

A Powerful Antimicrobial

Being an antimicrobial, moringa has the ability to protect against respiratory pathogens. There have been a number of different studies out there that show moringa has incredible antimicrobial properties. And these properties can potentially protect against bronchial infections which could lead to asthma down the road.

One study that was conducted on extract from moringa leaves found that it displayed “significant” antimicrobial activity while another study tested moringa out on 4 types of bacteria which it inhibited every single one.

Vitamin C Is Sure to Help

When it comes to moringa being absolutely jammed packed with vitamins, minerals, etc… there is a lot that could potentially play a role in its ability to be an effective asthma treatment.

Its vitamin C content is sure to play role. Moringa powders that are available contain as much as 250mg of vitamin C for every 100g. This is is almost 5X the amount per weight that is found in oranges, which contain 53.2mg per every 100g.

Vitamin C has been proven to reduce asthmatic symptoms in some studies. One study I found titled Blocking Effect of Vitamin C in exercise induced asthma showed that vitamin C seems to protect the airway and keep it from constricting which would hinder breathing.

Should You Take Moringa for Asthma?

Moringa is a powerful natural treatment for asthma. It is so powerful that it can even be compared to some man-made drugs that are out there. If you are considering trying it for treatment then I am all for it. It is one of the better options out that that is extremely healthy and will benefit you in more ways than just asthmatic treatment.