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Does Tinnitus 911 Really Work? – NO… And I’ll Explain Why

Does Tinnitus 911 Really Work

Tinnitus 911 is supposedly some miracle product that can cure your tinnitus in no time… But of course things aren’t always as they are said to be. Does Tinnitus 911 really work and should you be buying this product? Or is this all just a scam that you should be avoiding?

Well to answer that… NO it does not work, or at least it probably won’t work for most people. There is a slim chance that this product could improve your tinnitus or even possibly eliminate it, but the overwhelming majority of people out there probably will see no difference at all. The crazy thing is that this even has the potential to possibly make your tinnitus worse than it is. How crazy is that?… A product that is supposed to eliminate tinnitus that could potentially make it works…

But anyways, in this review I will be going over what this product is supposed to do, the ingredients and why it simply isn’t going to work as it is claimed to, what other people were saying who have tried it and more.

Tinnitus 911 Review

You are probably suspicious of Tinnitus 911 because it comes off as an over-the-top marketed product, reminding me of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (which was a bust) and supplements like Tinnitec. Maybe you saw someone promoting on social media, maybe you got an email about it from someone, or maybe you watched one of those ridiculous video presentations that are out there promoting it.

It it is often provided in a very over-hyped away that just seems too good to be true. I mean can a all natural products like this really miraculously cure your tinnitus?

There are a lot of red flags about this product, most of which I won’t go over. However, if you watch the video presentation then you are probably aware that the person who came up with this miracle product goes by the name of “Charlie Gaines”. However, this guy is likely a completely fabricated character because I found out that the image shown of him in the video presentation is actually taken from a short video clip that can be purchased online by anyone. In other words… The whole “Charlie Gaines” thing is a lie.

But anyways, I’m like going to get much into this. Let’s move on to some of the claims made about this product

Bold Claims Made

Supposedly it can completely abolish your tinnitus and is a verified solution that works in five steps. The five steps that it works and are as follows…

  1. Hearing starts to clear up. Nervous system is being repaired.
  2. Strengthens brain networks and eliminates tinnitus.
  3. Improves memory.
  4. Regenerates brain cells.
  5. Eliminates pain and discomfort.

Okay?… This doesn’t tell you much. Much of what you are told is vague information in there isn’t much convincing evidence supporting it.

Does It Really Work?

In order to determine whether or not this supplement really works, you to take a look at the ingredients inside it. Below is a picture of the ingredient list on the back of a bottle of Tinnitus 911…

tinnitus 911 ingredients

Now if you take your time and read through all of those ingredients you are probably wondering what exactly is going on here. Where is that miracle ingredient that supposedly is going to cure your tinnitus? Most of the ingredients on this list you have probably seen before and many of them you probably consume regularly, maybe without even knowing it.

So can this really care your tinnitus? Well… It depends.

It Depends On Your Situation

It depends on your situation but for the large majority of people out there it probably won’t do anything. If your tinnitus is caused by inflammation then this might work. After all, juniper berry, hibiscus, garlic, and some others are all good anti-inflammatory foods.

That said, the doses here are small and because of this you will likely notice nothing, although you might see some improvements if you have a very mild case of tinnitus.

This Could Even Make Your Tinnitus Worse!

Most if the ingredients you probably recognize, but there are a few that you probably have never heard of before. Uva Ursi is one of these strange ingredients you likely have never heard of. The crazy thing is that while doing some research into uva ursi I found that it can actually cause tinnitus if you take enough, according to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. And another source, Ask a Naturapath, states that uva ursi is a food you want to stay away from because it can aggravate tinnitus.

I don’t really know what the people making Tinnitus 911 were thinking when they added this to the list. Out of all the many things you could be eating, this is something you want to avoid if you have tinnitus.

What Other People Are Saying

A product could have all the scientific studies in the world showing that it works in a lab setting, but of course we want to see whether or not it works in real life (not that there is any scientific studies showing that this product works). What or real people who have taken this supplement saying about it? Are they overridden with joy now that their tinnitus is cured? Or are they disappointed that they just got all excited over nothing and wasted bunch of money on something that didn’t work?

Unfortunately it is the latter… It just doesn’t work.

Tinnitus 911 is sold on Amazon so I was able to find a bunch of reviews from people who have tried it. Here is a sample for you…

And there is plenty more where that came from. I am sure this product would have less than a one star rating, but for some reason Amazon doesn’t let people rate products below a one star.

Here are a couple other reviews that you might want to take a look at…

I even found one review from someone saying that their tinnitus got worse after taking Tinnitus 911, and as I have explained with the ingredient uva ursi… There could be some truth to this.

Now I do have to tell you that there are some people saying that this product does work in that it did cure their tinnitus, but I am hesitant to believe that the truthfulness of these reviews. The overwhelming majority of people have left horrible reviews.

Final Thoughts – Avoid

Tinnitus 911 is a good example of an over-hyped product that is marketed in a rather deceptive way and simply does not work as it is claimed to. This is one of those products that people buy and get really excited over by end up in utter disappointment.

While I really hope that anyone, including you, suffering from tinnitus is able to find a cure, this is probably not going to do it. There is a chance you could see positive affects after taking this, but it definitely is NOT the “cure all” it is promoted as. That said, if you really want to, you can purchase Tinnitus 911 on the official website here.

One thing that you have to remember is that there can be multiple different causes of tinnitus, so something that works for one person might not work for another person.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any questions or comments down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you have tried Tinnitus 911 and want to leave your own review down below, I would really appreciate it.